The BM-31-12 reload on a cap is ridiculous for the vehicle. Especially seeing as the aiming system is very janky, and not usually on target. You only get 12 rockets, and even a near miss doesn’t kill a tank unless it’s an open top. The reload should be 1/3 if its current reload rate to make it at least somewhat more fair.
A system where you could open the map to be able to artillery with use of the targeting from the gunner skill to estimate range would be nice as well, to make the vehicle marginally useful, seeing as its super rng right now.


Do you play on PC?

Press M you have scale of the map calculate distance between you to idk point on map set range and shoot

Rocket launcher is more fun to play on arcade anyways, you can sit at a corner and nuke targets while completely hidden from enemy sight, and you also don’t have to go to the cap to replenish your ammo.

What is M key bound to?

You do not need to use big map mode just use the normal minimap


I play on controller, but what I’m getting at is why don’t the devs make the thing a bit more user friendly?

Most likely cuz nobody wants arty to he as easy like in wot you need to learn how it works etc here to get better

Lmao. I know how it works, but you either have to aim stupidly high, or get on a downward incline to fire a rocket close. The rocket truck is more of a gimic than anything.

Doesnt katyusha and andryusha ha e hydropneumatic suspension to lower down the front of the vechicle

Yes. But only 2-3 degrees. The BM-31-12 has a guidance of 10 ~ 48 degrees. It only aims forward as well, meaning it HAS to shoot over the cab. I believe the other katyusha truck can swivel the rockets to the side.

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All it needs is a faster reload, scouting, and a rangefinder.


That would be nice. Didn’t they come with a built in range finder to the sight?

Hard to say, but it doesn’t matter. The Sturmtiger received one due to aiming difficulties, so I don’t see why this vehicle can’t get one for balancing reasons.

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Why is the reload so long now? WTF

Not like it’s OP.

Literally all the BM-31-12 players I encounter launch rockets at spawn right after the match starts, and then when they run out of rockets they just J out lol some of them quit the match after that. Dafug how is that fun, some of them get a few hits in though judging by the mission points they received.

It seems they buffed it. Was on a cap earlier, was reloading in 10 secs per rocket. Far better. Good job Gaijin seriously 👍

Because it’s an artillery rocket launcher that has no real place on a WT map, and they were not ready to go full WarHammer Thunder with even more fantasy enhancements just yet…

not in real life - that is one of the fantasy enhancements it has in WT.