Blow out panel

I might be wrong but at the moment the blowout panels (at least on the abrum i assume it is the same on other tanks) dont work if you take a small amount of HEAT with you. I dont belive that that is accurate due to the relatively small amount of Explosive filler in the rounds.

Blowout panels are not alien tech and they have a % of failure. Some Abrams destroyed recently look like a 70’s ashtray on the inside.

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I’ve been having the opposite problem fighting Abrams from the front lately. I’ll pen them from the front, pen the blast door, set off ammo, but the cookoff just goes through the blowout panels and doesn’t kill the tank. Maybe it’s been bugged somehow

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Well, the problem is that HEAT uses Monroe Effect, to push a Metal in fusion state Spray

That’s completely goes through such panels, which are not designed to such purposes.

So, if one explode, you have hole in Panel, and then Panel serves no more interest.

Gas follows the path of least resistance, the big opening in the top instead of the little hole in the side.

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It’ll flow through both, and at that sort of pressure, quite a bit will enter the crew compartment

Nope. Pressure doesn’t work like that. PSI is lbs per square inch. A big meter wide panel has a lot more pressure on it and the bolts designed to fail than a sliding door with a small hole in it designed not to.
There would be a small puff of flame as the panels came off from the over pressure, but then convection might create a suction .

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It was revealed to me by the angels.

In the recent war we have seen multiple western tanks save their crew due to blow out panels (or unreactive munitions like Dm 53A1)and it is questionable if they were only carrying apfsds due to its poor anti infantry capabilitys.

Blast doors are whole different topic. When do they open? when do they close? Does refilling the First stage open them? and so many more questions to that

(Blast doors are prolly more likely to fail in case of a munition cook of then the blast panels)

I genunally would agree that HEAT would have 0 problems piercing thru a blast door. One small problem tho: The munition is the wrong way arround for that to happen

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There is also much more explosives in a HEAT, than in any other munitions ^^"

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No this has been tested. They actually detonated a full rack of HEAT that blew off the bustle rack. The bulkhead held.
In an ordinary ammo cookoff, HEAT warheads do not detonate, they deflagrate (burn).

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Fail as in not work due to beeing not fully cloed etc the blow out panels are manual and no “moving parts” are involved A door that opens and closes has always a higher rate of failure then a non moving part

They only way the door “fails” is if the tank is hit in the middle of the reloading cycle. The 3~5 seconds the door is open.
Yes in refilling “first stage” ammo, both ammo racks are open and there are main gun rounds loose in the fighting compartment(!) since you can only access one side of the bustle at a time.
IRL a crew would never crossload ammo while in contact and it takes a lot longer than depicted in game.

There is always the small percantage of a jam in the door mechanisem but thats VERY LOW still


That is not true. The ammo door mech is very reliable. (I am a former M-1 turret mechanic).
The blowout panels are designed to protect the crew regardless of the number of HEAT carried.


(How do we get the snail to fix it in the tanks that have blowout panels?)

Yes the Door mecanisem is very reliable (DUH) but there is aways a small percentage of failure like with evrything else that has some moving parts in it (not that it acually fails but there is a small chance for a malfunction)

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