BLATANT cheating in the tournament as usual

Tracking behind buildings all the time with esp, pulling off shots with 0.2 second reaction time.
The tournaments are ALWAYS like this.
I think it is a disgrace that Gaijin allows this to happen.
You literally have to be blind not to see it.

Worst thing is, the tournaments have been like this for as long as i can remember.

I am sure there are a percentage of the players that are not cheating, 100%. Whether they know their squadmates are using cheat software, who knows.

Also just got banned from the twitch chat for saying “cheats as usual” . . . . . . .instantly shut down, what a joke.


how about you actually call out the guy you think is cheating and report them or multiple peeps

what’s the point.
Doesn’t take a genius to see it.
Gaijin knows it happens and turns a blind eye, plus, its multiple people.

I don’t expect anything to be done, if i mentioned names, i would get banned from forum.

It 's the same with EVERY tournament like this, been the same for years now, i have been playing since 2013, i have seen it over and over again.

I just want to say what I see and what i think of it.

In fact, on the next twitch schedule, i will record the whole thing and clip the bits i see.
I wont be able to post it here though, because i will get banned from forum.


if u you just talk shit and dont post any proof people will think you are just talking shit out of your ass

They can think what they want.

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then post proof lol

like i said mate, if you scroll up and look at the previous post, where i said “i will get banned from the forum”.

To re-iterate, if i post here, i will get banned from the forum.

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Lmao you do know mods here will ban u for slightly saying someone’s nickname or sending a profile link and count it as a witch hunt? (in this context of cheating), but yeah I agree with one point, he can post a time frame that happens and it will not count as witch hunt

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then just report them lmao via the given methods what are you saying

Tell you what. Find a player who participated in the tourny.

Then type their name into player search, let me know if you get any results.

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You know that they will play till the end of the tournament while reports are pending right? u have to call out cheating teams or players quite massively for Snail to even start acting, like last time

i wont do anything since i dont care you are the one who came to the forums crying about an issue while not doing anything at all about it

No need for hostility mate, im sorry if i offended you.

The point im trying to make to you (despite you taking it personal) is that the names of the participants cannot be found using the player search function.
Hence i was saying, try it for yourself.

then go to a game master or stona or someone

Here is a video for you. (1) War Thunder Esports Players Banned - YouTube

seems like i missed this tec vid

Why the hostility, i am not trying to get one over you, you can have the last word mate, its fine.

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just wondering why you arent trying to do anything about it and im currently trying to play wt at the same time and got cassed by su-25

i report people all the time mate.

If i could be bothered to report anyone from this tourny, i cant because the names are changed for the tourney.

So, as a result, i am here just pointing it out. Thats it.

make a video about it to youtube or show the proof to someone who does videos on wt cheaters