Bkan 1C - Removable barrel camouflage net

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This suggestion is as simple as it sounds. The camo net found hanging on the barrel of the Bkan 1C should be turned into a modification, which would allow it to be equipped and removed at will.
Similar systems are already present in game in form of removable camo nets on premium tanks, e.g. Leopard 2A4 (PzBtl.123), Type 90B “Fuji”, Strv 121B “Christian II”.
The barrel camo net on the Bkan 1C is intended for forest camouflage, which is why it doesn’t change colour when a different vehicle camouflage is selected. Essentially, you could be using a Bkan 1C painted in a desert camo, while still having a big green forest net on top of the barrel.

On a historical note, Bkan 1C:s were not always in reality using camo nets, see pictures below.

In short:
Make the barrel camo netting for the Bkan 1C removable by turning it into a modification. Has no real downsides to it.

Pictures of Bkan 1C units without barrel netting:


(See the tank on the left)

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