Binoc Icon on HUD

My Bill is showing a binocular icon on the lower left circle of the HUD…about the 5:30 position. Clicking it does nothing nor does hovering the mouse over it. What does this icon represent? Searching the new provides several different answers.

Have you never used light tanks before? That is the scout function. You need to look at an enemy tank with binoculars or the gunsight and press the corresponding button to scout it.

Of course I have…the BILL is a Swedish ATGM with no scouting options.

My apologies, I had assumed the LT with Bills. Do you have a picture by chance? There are some TDs that can scout but I’m not sure of this vehicle.

It is explained in this Shooting Range video:, at 14:41. They say it shows the “perception level” of the crew, which I presume is related to the visibility mechanic in ground battles (see and the “Keen Vision” crew skill. Less “perception level” would probably mean shorter detection range in GRB or shorter distance at which enemy markers are shown in GAB.

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Thank you…I don’t know why the answer to this is not online.