Big german tanks

Anyone Know if the strum tiger will ever be in game again? Also is it true that the Maus is only researchable in November?

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The maus is avaible for research during war thunder’s birthday events in early november. You do not have to fully research it during that time. If you put any amount of rp into it, it will stay in your tech tree.

The Maus returns every year for the game’s birthday. As long as you get at least 1 RP towards it during the birthday, it’ll be available to research whenever you want.

As for the Sturmtiger, it will almost certainly not come around again as an event prize. You can get them from those SL gambling crates that they bring around for certain events, but the chances of getting any vehicle from them are next to nothing, let alone the specific vehicle you want.

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War Thunder’s main power move of its customers is FOMO (fear of missing out). Every event, every battlepass, every sale is always “Spend and play now, or you NEVER see this reward EVER again.” This game is fun in a lot of ways, but Gaijin is S-rank evil as a company. I’m convinced Gaijin would resort to violence on its customers to get money if they could find a legal means to do it.


Love your name I don’t know why I just do.
Also, will I find it on Gajin marketplace?


Sadly no because some vehicles from the gambling crates are given as coupons, but the Strumtiger isn’t.

Give them a couple years will likely cost 2.5k aka no one will buy it.

oh well thank you.