BF 110 G2 & g4 Payloads

Hi there, since the last update and the updated payload system, it has become impossible to load both bombs and additional cannons… I usually flew my beloved bf 110s with additional canons and 2 x 500 kg bombs, but can’t anymore… is it a bug or was it done on purpose ?

You can still use a 1000kg and a 250kg bomb, but now you need to create the loadout, quite a few lower BR planes had the option to create loadouts added, like on some Bf 110, or Il-2 if you want to carry bombs and rockets.

Yep i got that new loadout mechanic, but it doesn’t allow to add both bombs and canons at the same time, you have to make a choice : canons or bombs, and that wasn’t the case before, when you could have 2x2 -20 mm additional canons and 2x500kg bombs on a bf110 g2 for example…

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I looked at it, it works perfectly fine, i guess what you are trying to do is not equipping the 2x internal ones and bombs, but instead the overall 4x Mg 151 of which 2 are placed in a Pod which is at the same place where the bomb lock is.

Same with the IL’s.

One use to load rockets and bombs. Now, no more.