Better naval progression

Back in June of 2023, Gaijin mentioned that they’d do a revision.

Revision of the naval progression. Next Major Update/ Fourth update of the year (October-November 2023).

However, it’s now the 1st of January 2024, and we have yet to get any update regarding this. Could we please get some more information on some of these changes?



I’m guessing next patch will be a naval themed patch.

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We did get this in a prior update. They were vague, but they have revised the naval progression, they foldered some vehicles in each tree and moved vehicles about in ranks and position

Hope they increase rank of Prinz Eugen to rank 6. It has 60 USD price tag and every vehicle with that price is rank 6.

I don’t think that should count. They did that for every tree.

Well they barely touched coastal and added rank 6 for bluewater and moved stuff around and yes for them that counts as “”““revision of naval progression””“”. Still No 7.3, no rp buffs, no sl changes only few adjustments here and there for prices. At least bigger changes benefited naval quite a bit like sl/minute repair stuff.
RP is still abysmal and you are better off doing no damage and just staying alive cause rp from time played is 90% of your rewards. Though that is the case for a lot of modes if you go look at detailed rp breakdowns from games.

Top tier naval is in dire need of a revision, having 3.7/4.0 vessels cost as much as 9.0/10.0+ Tanks and Ships is just dumb

Either moving said vessels up in BR to help with the insane compression at that BR or lowering the RP costs would be fine

I sincerely hope so. A buff to RP is really needed for naval.

The progression for Bluewater ships has been revised: Rank VI has been added to research trees, and the positions of a large number of naval vessels at ranks I-V have been changed. At the same time, the progression parameters for naval vessels of ranks II-V of both Bluewater and Coastal fleets have been revised: the vessel RP cost, modification RP cost, the SL cost of the vessel, the SL cost of crewing the vessel, the price of purchasing an expert crew, and the total SL cost of purchasing modifications.