Better ammunition for the Type 69-IIA

I wanted to start a thread, and possibly discussion, about giving this vehicle some better ammunition. I’ve heard that China license-produced the Belgian M1000A1 APFSDS round, which was used on export vehicles such as the Type 69-IIA. Could this possibly be added? I note this as we recently (as of this thread) had the addition of the Finnish T-55M, equipped with this exact round. This would help the Type 69-IIA be more appealing to someone wanting to buy it, but would also give it some extra punch and help fill out a role as one of China’s last 100mm armed tanks. I’m hoping that with this, we can gather enough sources and material to put together a historical report/suggestion and improve the Type 69-IIA. Thank you for any help or information.

Is there any reason you copied my post word for word?


For several reasons

1- Because my main language is not English, I will not reach a better version than this
2- Because the tank deserves some love, especially that it was raised from 8.0 to 8.3 without adding any other ammunition to it
3- I took the text copies from the Reddit site Sorry I did not see this post and searched on the new site and unfortunately I did not find any suggestion to add something like this.

I consider the lack of a dart a balancing factor for the LRF. If you compare it vs the T-55A, it gains a LRF and loses the dart. It would go to 8.7 if it gained thd T-55M’s round.

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That makes sense then, my apologies! Hopefully the Type 69-IIA can get some better ammunition, I just want more varied ammunition for Chinese tanks, as well as more Chinese tanks in general.

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I also hope that good things will be added to China

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The problem is that all the time I’m playing against the BR-8.7 against the T-55AMD tanks and there’s also stronger things like OBJ 435 and the olifant mk-1 br 8.3 have apfsds and LRF and so meny uk tank have apfsds and LRF in same BR