Hi all

Could someone here please explain to me why I didn’t reach the next stage?

I have to destroy a vehicle. I destroy
I have to win the match. I won

Then why ?

You have to do that two more times.

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Thanks for the reply

I know, but a green flag doesn’t appear informing me that I have already won 50 eagles

I mean, if I lose the next 3 games I would already have 50 eagles guaranteed

Now that I played one more match, it appeared. I don’t understand.

In my opinion, it had to appear before

Is the vehicle you have used in tier 3? I remember it has to be a minimum tier 3 vehicle for the wager.

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Yes .
What I didn’t understand is that in the first match, fulfilling what was agreed, that is, destroying a vehicle and winning the match, it is not reported that I have already won 50 eagles.
I have made other bets egual to this one, but I don’t remember if this had happened before.


edit Well, I have other bets here that I’m going to use and see what happens :)

How did you get GE bets?

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They are a remnant of past awards, they are no longer earnable I believe.

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I got it last years and I haven’t used it. :)

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