Best premium vehicle for grinding USSR tech tree

So as an ussr rank IV player, the IS and other tanks grind is very painful for me. And im gonna ask for a premium vehicle tip. . Warning: the premium vehicle price should not exceed the price of 60 euros and max tier is VI

In that case you have just single option and that is T-55AM-1

I would advise playing through the normal tree and spading vehicles, but if you’re going to buy a premium, I’d recommend the T-55AM1 for rank 6 or TO-55 for rank 5. Both of them are not top tier which is nice. I would recommend the TO-55 more because it is slightly lower tier meaning you’ll probably do better in it given that you are currently at rank 4. Both are really good though. The TO-55 is also cheaper. At rank 4, it’s slim pickings. Not many worthwhile premiums. My biggest recommendation would be the TO-55. The Rank 5 IS-6 is also nice, but I would still recommend the TO-55 before it.

One thing to note about the TO-55 is while it does have a flamethrower, that’s just a gimmick. It’s not useful in the vast majority of cases because it can only damage open-top vehicles. Just use the gun.