Best premium ships to make SL with?

The simplest answer would be to buy Moffett or Frank Knox, but I hear there are issues with BR due to cruisers being far stronger than destroyers and walking over them. Before spending gold, I wanted to be sure about what I’m getting into by buying one of these.

Also, I wanted to know if there are alternatives to these two ships. The goal is the same - a reliable credit printer. Grinding the techtrees would be a bonus in this case, as I am not interested in Naval Battles.

Moffet it’s an “SL” grinding machine, 900% multiplier is worth the effort, I’ve used it countess times when I was in short of SL.
Fast firing rate and awesome manoeuvrability make this ship a real hunter, despite his lack of armor… Be wise and choose your targets 😉

The only, “but” with the moffet, is that all the bots use the Moffet. I have learnt exactly where to fire at a moffet to one shot it. I suspect most cruiser players are the same.

I’d say the game’s meta is how fast you can oneshot something. German Prinz Eugen at 5.7 is still the king. She oneshots Des Moineses, the Moffetss and anything in between.

But in certain situations other ships are better. I.e. UK’s Belfast rocks when the other teams are nothing but Moffetts. Because of faster reloads you can oneshot Moffetts even faster than Eugen. Same with the Soviet Kerch cruiser - yet faster reload and a generous 5.3 BR.

Also, if you are grinding SL, then the 500% SL boosters is where it is at. I’d say I am most confident to activate such booster when I am in an Eugen with backups. Things might go bad but they very rarely do. Now, if you are in a Moffett, then the things will go bad more often and you are more likely to waste the nice booster.

Belfast was my main SL grinder, I dont really need one anymore, but I do still have fun. In the “downtiers” vs destroyer teams, especially in the bot matches. I was easily getting 10+ kills and making like 300k

If you’re looking Coastal, German M-802…it’s an SL monster

Thank you for your replies. I have never considered a premium cruiser, so far I only thought about Moffett, Frank Knox, and to a lesser extent Tigre.

Should I look at Prinz Eugen and Des Moines too?

Make your choice, in my opinion it should be based on your play style.
If I hadn’t completed the naval US tech tree yet I would have tried Des Moines, bigger guns than Moffet and fast firing rate… this could be fun ;)
Consider also BR of the ship… higher BR means (usually) tough players to deal with… and usually less SL income.
I have to admit, with the recent economy changes, i don’t feel the necessity to grind SL anymore.

The key to grinding, any grinding, pick something fun. If you hate the ship, plane, tank whatever is you buy to grind in, then you are going to have a miserable time. I make more SLs in a non-premium Tornado in SB than i do in the Belfast (on a day to day basis) because i get bored after 2 or 3 matches of NRB but can play SB all day long. I have a few premium planes but i get bored in those too.