Bergepanzer III mit 15mm Mg 151/15

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I would like to suggest this Bergepanzer III armed with a 15mm Mg 151/15 (or well also /20)
That was used as a mobile infatry suppor / mobile MG/Cannon Nest, beeing armed.

Its history is unknown, except that it was used in the Defence of Berling (as the pictures show) and its a simple Bergepanzer III (Recovery version of Pz III with removed Turret, instead wooden or Metal cover, with a wooden superstructure) and in this case a Mg 151/15 with unique gushield in the front hull.

It could be placed in game at the lower Brs (1.7/2.0) and offer suppressing fire with its 15mm H-Pzgr with decent penetration for its size, while itself having 50mm of frontal base armor with additional Ostketten and another 50mm Gunshield which also partly covers the frontal armor. And would offer a neat Event vehicle.

Bergepanzer III were build from refurbished Pz IIIs, as hulls of them came free after the normal Pz III Production was also halted, as for every combat vehicle adequat recovery vehicles were needed, however the main recovery vehicles were different Halftracks from Sd.Kfz.6 to 9, while these were usable, they were completly unarmored, resulting in casulties if they had to recover vehicles on the battlefield, as they were easy targets for artillery. Further problems were, that with tanks becoming heavyer and heavyer 2 or more (6 for Tiger I) Halftracks (Sd.Kfz.9) were needed to pull these, as such Tanks with itself strong engines and some armor as well as firepower to defend themself were appreciated. These were simple Pz III (some few IV) hulls where the turret was removed and a wooden superstructure was placed atop, with tools, spare parts and cables as well as wooden logs to make makeshift roads.

Pictures:(Click to show)


The Gun:
15 mm Mg 151/15 (appears to be a free aiming field made mount) 700 rpm, 250-500 round boxes (unknown storage)

Ammo Available:(Click to show)


Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Ap-T) 0,072kg 850m/s 0g filler 33mm/10m


Pzbrgr. o.Zerl. (Ap-I) 0,059kg 960m/s 0g filler 35mm/10m


H-Pzgr. o.Zerl. (HVAP) 0,052kg 1050m/s 39g core 9,5mm 51mm/10m

Note: Only against heavyer armored Ground targets, incendary effect duo to melting of Magnesium-Aluminuim carrier.
Another version of 54,5g with 1040m/s also exists.

Sprgr. L'Spur m.Zerl Üb. (Saphe-T / Phe-T) 0,057 kg 960m/s 1,1g Pent (1,87g) Some penetration

Screenshot 2024-04-05 135847


Brsprgr. L`Spur o.Zerl (HeI-T) 0,057kg 960m/s 1,9g Pent + 1,3g Thermite (3,23g)

(Could only find the m.Zerl version, o.Zerl is the same just without the little hole between charge and tracer)

Brsprgr. Gl`Spur. o.Zerl. (HeI-T night) 0,057kg 960m/s 1,9g Pent + 1,3g Thermite (3,23g)


Sprgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (He-T) 0,057kg 960m/s 2,8g Pent (4,76g)
(Early on replaced by the Br.Sprgr.)

Sprgr. Gl`Spur. o.Zerl. (He-T night) 0,057kg 960m/s 2,8g Pent (4,76g
(Early on replaced by the Br.Sprgr.)


Brgr. L`Spur/Gl'Spur. o.Zerl. 0,057kg 960m/s 0,2g Pent (0,34g)

(Could only find the m.Zerl version, o.Zerl is the same just without the little hole between charge and tracer)

The Vehicle:
Bergepanzer III
Simply a late Pz III Chassis, removed turret with a new additional superstructure made from wood, with spare parts and such, with Metal or wooden covering. Here with additional 50mm Frontal shield and Ostketten equipped and put on the front for additional armor.
Engine: HL 120 TRM 300 Ps / 3000 RPM
Top Speed: 53 km/h
Weight: around 19-20 Ton

Private gallery
Munition der Flugzeugbordwaffenmunition 1936-1945
Handbuch des Bergepanzer III


Would be funny driving around in this thing, going around and reparing team mates +1

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