Being constantly bugged by Connection Error 81110013: Failed to load player profile but Support is unable to help

Dear Gaijin and community,

Lately I have been affected by the this error from time to time and it frustrates me a lot. Today I wasted an afternoon reinstalling WT, trying different Geforce drivers, googling for solution and to no avail. I just wanted a few hours to unlock stuff and make progress but god-forbid I wasn’t able to get into the game. :(
Things I have tried:

  1. Completely uninstall and install including remove my local profiles at “My Games\WarThunder\Saves” - not working
  2. PC rebooted, hardware checked (all other games are running fine) - not working
  3. Changed my password - not working
  4. Tried Guest Login - AND IT WORKS!

So I realize it’s very unlikely this problem is originated from my side. If anything, something is wrong after log on the the game - Gaijin’s server time-out trying to load my player profile.

I first reported this problem to Support on Sep 18 but haven’t got a solid reply other than asking me to try again. And today it has been over 10 hours since I updated them with my finding on Guest Login and I have yet to hear reply from Support.

Gaijin, please look into this problem, I can’t possibly leave my computer running WT all the time to avoid Connection Error 81110013!

Got this one too. Have been going on 6 days with support after I refunded a pack pre-update then failed to be able to log in post update.

I have:
-Done a clean reboot
-made sure no ports were blocked
-restarted my computer
-attempted to login thru another computer
-logged in using a guest account and said guest account worked
-disabled my antivirus temporarily whilst trying to login and it did not work

I’m starting to think my account may have been corrupted somehow.

I should also mention that I have verified updates, reinstalled the game twice, verified from both the launcher and on steam as well as OP and I have not been able to log in at all- so I can’t say I’ve had success like you have with keeping the game open somehow.