Being able to first use ground and then air vehicles shouldn’t be a thing

Coming to play simulator battles because you enjoy playing realistic games and you find that is not realistic at all. Being able to first use ground vehicles and then hop on an air vehicle to kill the guy who just killed you is absolutely nonsense. If you started with a ground vehicle you should only be able to use ground vehicles. Arcade should be arcade, don’t come into realistic and simulator modes and ask for it to be more arcade. This rule is also valid for realistic mode

So you just want a ground only mode.

Just say that


These people i swear. Smh.

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I have bad news for you about ground sim: it’s not more realistic than ground RB. It just doesn’t have markers and a slightly different 3rd person camera angle. GSB will not be your salvation if you look for a realistic experience with tanks.

Dude flying in sim actually is realistic, unlike driving a tank. People flying should be applauded in sim. As they are doing what matters:simming, while you still play the arcadey tank shooter.

Since aircraft are the only thing making ground SB a simulator. So the idea that people flying is making GSB more arcadey is ridiculous. Without aircraft GSB would be 100% arcade, like RB.

RB is another matter since RB is an arcade shooter anyway, regardless if plane or tank, there is no difference if there are planes or not, it’s full arcade either way.

But making Ground SB tank only, would make it stop being a simulator, since only flight was simulated. So the only logical response to a tank only GSB mode would be to delete ground SB entirely, as it doesn’t deserve d
To be called a simulator mode. Don’t get me wrong i am all for deleting it so it can be replaced by a proper tank sim, but before that happens, it’s the aircraft that make SB a sim… If they go, the mode loses it’s right to exist.


Totally agree. We should able to take plane as 1st spawn!!! :D


Ehmm… We ARE.

When i fly in ground i only use planes.

I either just take tanks or just planes but never mix.

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No, i belive once in a match and you chose an air vehicle you shouldn’t be able to jump back in a ground one. That’s my point

Dude I believe a mix of the two is good but not in current form, ground mode should be more sim and you shouldn’t be able to hop from ground to air. This includes realistic mode. My point is that the arcade play style has infected the realistic and sim modes

Aka: ground only

Or at least ground and rocket heli only

The realistic part is that you should have teammates flying and teammates on the ground not one guy doing both

My issue with Simulator mode started back in the beginning. Ground simulator used to be a lot more like a simulator. You had limited views (No third person look around the corner views) and no markers where your round would fall. Then they changed it and I quit playing the game for a while. I started playing the game due to the simulator mode, but they changed it, and I lost a lot of interest.

I’m thinking about playing again (It has been nearly 5 years), but this sounds disturbing to me. If you start playing a simulator game, you should have to stay in the mode you started in. I see one further step towards making simulator just a more advanced arcade mode.

It isn’t right that you can get shot down by an aircraft, and then switch to an AA vehicle to get your revenge. That’s not only a bad feature in a Simulator game, but it is also bad in a Realistic mode. It should never have been allowed.

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Nobody cares about RB here, nobody should care. RB has it’s own section

Whoch is BS since RB always was arcade and the only sim aspect in GSB is the aircraft. So switching to an aircraft makes it less arcadey not more.

Lol this has nothing to do with realism… Absolutely nothing.


As a ground beta tester mostly for sim… No it was not.

The commander view was there from the beginning and it is still the only view. Yes it is third person but it never changed. To this day there is no indicator that shows where your round hits if Our plane does not have a computer that tells you. Tanks don’t have it at all.

Again RB is off limits here. But all you talk about is mission design, which has nothing to do with the genre of the game.

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Air SB is not arcade? Just because you need to use joy?
What about console players ? Are they simulating in ground SB?

No it’s not, it emulates the base operation of an aircraft in combat. Which makes it a sim.

No since they still have no direct Control.

Nah, level of simulation is about the same in both ground and air, air just being bit more realistic due to controls and cockpits.

But it is still mostly a game.

No it isn’t, emulation of controls is one of the defining factors of a simulation. It exists for air but not tanks.

Those aren’t mutually exclusive, it doesn’t stop being a game if it is a simulation. Those things are completely Independent of eachother

It depends on what is the objective of simulation and its complexity.

For example, in certain ATC for certain AFV they have several simulators:
Driving simulator - for drivers, basically cut off front of the vehicle, cabin motion, engine sounds etc.
Gunner station simulator - for weapon station and missiles practice, only turret joystick rests ordinary PC.
Tactical simulator - for a crew cooperation training, simplified KBM controls for each crew members.
Mission simulator - for vehicle commanders only for cooperation training, practically even less complex controls then in WT.

WT ground simulates wide range of things well, but it does a poor job in simulating crews.
For example, in WT gunner is constantly adjusting gun sight to mouse cursor with machine accuracy basically mimicking the 2 plane stabilizer even on WW2 era tanks.
Drivers are shifting flawlessly like automatic gearboxes.
Loaders do not lap load etc.

In this area ground simulation is certainly lacking, never less it is still a simulation.

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You typed but you said nothing. First of all a lot of us care about RB, SB. If its arcadey it shouldn’t. You shouldn’t be able to re-spawn from a ground vehicles into an air vehicle regardless of anyones “feelings”, if you’re out you’re out. Just because you’re playing a labelled mod as realistic or simulator and in fact it is arcade in disguise you’re just feeding your ego that somehow you’re better at the game. You’re very subjective in your comments obviously you’re not here to be objective.

Sure but RB issues belong in tge RB subsection.

I am a fan of single spawn missions. But that’s quite a bit different from saying you shouldn’t be allowed to use a plane as a second spawn.

It’s still a fact that the tank sim is a lot more lacking than the air sim part as simulations

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