Begging thunder with wishlist?

Is Begging in war thunder to buy something on your own wishlist legal in war thunder?
i just wants a ju 288

I beg for an SU-100Y and a KV-1E

i hope there will be someone that want to give me what i want just 1 hehe

You can’t buy GE vehicles for someone. You can buy GE for someone though. Oh and it has to be in the same currency.
An example of begging properly is:
Please give me F-20 Tigershark. Player currency is USD. Pleaseeeee🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

how and what did you mean?

Which part?

you cant buy GE vehicles for someone
and, player currency is USD
but there are a new feature called
wishlist on th new update bro

No you can not. Only pack vehicles. IDK about premium time.

You can only buy someone something if they use the same currency as you. I use USD, so I used it in my example.

Yes I know. But when people look at it all they can see are the store vehicles not the GE ones you put on there, nor the SL ones. I know it’s a bummer but that what they did.

Edit- also forgot to say that I’m pretty sure you can’t buy things for people off of marketplace 😔

I wish for the Pbil m/40 😭 gimme my Landsverk