Beam Riding Missiles

Seems my thread on why the BMP-2M magically can fire its missiles on the move while other missiles that use the same guidance method vanished with no explanation. I can’t imagine why it would vanish without any indication, so I’ll chalk it up to ‘server error’ (because why would it be anything else?)

So, on the topic of Beam Riding missiles, why do you believe that only the BMP-2M’s beam riding ATGMs can be fired on the move? As opposed to the:

Lvrbv 701
(Some of the above suggestions also have fully stabilized ATGM launchers)

And ontop of that, is there a good reason why wire-guided missiles can’t fire on the move, if not a little faster, considering we already have the projected downside of tree/object interference?

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It is a good question


If the thread disappears then it was removed by the mods.


Pure bias that’s why. Though out of your listed vehicles only QN506 and Stormer have a functional stabiliser so for the rest of them aiming missiles on the move is quite difficult at best and simply impossible at worst, so for them it wouldn’t make much of a difference.


Some vehicles like the Bradley I believe genuinely cant fire on the move in real life and require the vehicle to be at a immediate stop.


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The AFT-09 has a functional Stab for its ATGMs.

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AFT09 might be able to fire on the move in real life, but apparently how it works is some kind of a hybrid guidance so in the game it’s treated as being SACLOS and as such isn’t allowed to fire above 5km/h speed.

Although the HJ-9 is often said to be a laser beam-riding missile, it in fact uses a SACLOS system where the laser beam is presumably used to transmit coded information to the missile. As with other SACLOS systems in War Thunder, the HJ-9 cannot be fired on the move and cannot guide multiple missiles at the same time. AFT09 - War Thunder Wiki

The HJ-9 has a maximum range of 5.5 km (3.4 mi), and a minimum range of 100 m (110 yd), guided by semi-automatic command to line of sight laser beam riding. HJ-9 - Wikipedia

Because no one else has the technology.



That is meaningless. The BMP-2M’s missile is technically SACLOS. The term ‘SACLOS’ covers a WIDE range of guidance systems, including wire guided and beam riding missiles.

Ultimately it just means “User guided, line of sight”


Indeed, but this clearly matters in the game even if it is nonsense. It’s also possible that the fire control system simply does not allow firing on the move, but what the hell would the stabiliser be then for?

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Yeah the entire purpose of putting a stabilizer on a vehicle is so that it can fire on the move

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Its even worse when you consider vehicles like the Stormer HVM also automatically guide the missile on to the target IRL.


I don’t think the Roland’s are beam riding missiles.
But yes. Why aren’t others allowed to fire on the move?

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Lets be honest here.

If the Stormer HVM had that capability in game, it would a great AA but this is War Thunder so therefor we can’t have something be better then the Strela now can we?


Russian Bias. Simple as.

Cute flag. Salty?


been looking for this one, always gets me lmaoo

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you forgot to mention the ratel with the big missile launcher, or was that proven to be incapable of firing on the move?


as i said before several times, because BMP is russian ofc it would get more advantages than other light tanks.

I’d imagine it would be the footage of it firing on the move, but yk