Baz Meshupar's radar should have HMD and TWS modes

我测你马 bvvd和gaijin This is discrimination against the Israeli Air Force

According to official Israeli sources, from November 1995 to November 2005, the F15, known as Baz Meshupar, was retrofitted with a new avionics, radar display system and cockpit

Oh, I see. From the J11A incorrect missile to the projectiles deliberately targeting the 99A to the Israeli Air Force incorrect data

Gaijin, the company and bvvd, the game plan is always for money, not for “game balance” and “history”

Then I hope that sooner or later the company and the game planners will pay the price

Don’t underestimate the power of the player


Yes it is a fact Gaijin has committed a massive offense with their handling of Israeli equipment. Stealth nerfing the Meshupar on release, and not giving any historical loadouts for Israeli planes, and the blatant disregard for Israel ground.