Baz Meshupar no TWS no radar HMS slaving no Israeli munitions no Python 4

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Would you have preferred the F-4F ICE or J-11A?


Why Baz Meshupar doesn’t it have a radar but has a FOX-3 missiles? Is this a mistake or not?

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I am in complete agreement.

I agree with everything but saying it’s missing the python 4 is like saying the F-15C misses the AIM-9X


9X is a generation ahead of Python 4. Python 5 is 9X equivalent, Python 4 does not have IIR seeker, 9X does, 9X has datalink, Python 4 does not. They are not comparable missiles.


They are now locking Baz Meshupar forum posts.

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@Stona_WT You missed one.

Truly, never seen Israeli mains speak out like this lol. spamming posts and whatnot. good stuff

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We’re at the /issues site as well but they’re trying to keep us repressed by closing all the reports.

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That is actually just wild, maybe eventually they will listen

I have extreme doubts. As it currently stands, Israel is not worth playing for the foreseeable future as the authenticity and capability of their additions are repeatedly disregarded.

Case in point: Namer weighs 61 tons, more than 2A6, despite not having a turret, and having worse armor.


I wish they were great at modeling the vehicles correctly as they make crap up

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Israel is the new France in Gaijin’s eyes i guess.

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This guy seems to be cooking up a storm. Hopefully a actual response is given.

Uh, did you actually read it because it’s pretty poorly written and incoherent, and only includes a single book source (not even the book but a review of that book) when two is required. None of the sources give relevant information either, the first is a bad picture of the cockpit of an F-15A Baz, the second and third mention nothing about the radar, the fourth only says that Israel bought F-15s equipped with the 63(v), no mention of upgrades, and lastly cmano isn’t very reliable for information.

Also, back to the official Israeli Air Force site that people here brought up.
This is talking about the F-15 variants in general, which is why they mention the F-15J. The 1985 upgrade is the MSIP II in the US tree.
This says that only the “weapons computer” was to be brought to the standard of the F-15I (also the F-15I was still under development when the Baz-2000 programme started), which is what the Baz Meshupar has in-game (ability to fire AIM-120s). Everything else is just unspecific upgrades, and it even says the avionics were going to be brought to a level “similar to that of the F-16s”, no mention of F-15I standards anywhere else.


plz show any reliable source that show SPECIFICALLY what radar it had … we know that Baz meshupar program was getting to F15E/I levels in terms of avionics.

you all acting with guessing games , u all truly know that just easier to assume it had nothing newer then APG-63…

But when stuff like F16AJ are getting modeled and added … god DAM its FOR BALANCE PLZ UNDERSTAND.

If that were the case our f-16s would be decent but nah, they get cucked just as much as the Baz

wtf? i brought up these photos.
saying and quoting “weapons computer” and saying in full confidence that is the aim 120 is bluntly not respecting. By “quoting” you presented the “weapons systems” as something vague. ok fair enough. But than you stated with a full confidence that this is the aim120 and you have done right.
Stop treating us like a stupid people and start to respect your player base.

Again as someone whos so confident about the baz 2000 radar we would like to see the sources you guys have.
The baz 2000 was never using the apg 63. As you clearly stated and also, shown in the pic from the IAF official website, it have the f15i radar system. it doesnt matter when the f15i project started/ended.
You decided to ADD an aircraft ( baz 2000 ) that basically called like that only because he is BASED ON THE F15I. (BAZ 2000 - take an aircraft from the late 80’s to 2000 era with upgraded weapons system. Saying the weapons system is not including radar its a joke man). but yet you give him nothing besides aim120 with a handicap radar.
Israel will never deploy aim120 on a jet that cant utilize them. it makes no sense. well unless you gaijin obv.
I wanna see a source the the f15 Baz 2000 took flight with amramm’s and the older APG 63 radar. if i can see that israel put aim120 over the APG 63 well, we’ll shut up

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