Battleships need to be limited

Having played Naval off and on since the inception I can honestly say its fun until you get to BRs that see BBs since that’s all you’ll EVER see. Its not fun with these god awful maps getting hit by 12-15in guns as soon as you spawn in and having to focus each one down for tens of minutes at a time.
Barring fixing spawns across the board for all naval (which should be done as well) Battleships should be limited in how many can be spawned at once like how Enlisted does aircraft and tank spawns per team.

That not being done then move BBs into their own MM, this is almost unplayable currently
Terrible spawns/maps + night unkillable juggernauts vs CA and CL? Lol

Scharnhorst also has absolutely no place in the game without 16in guns to punch it


No they need something to be afraid of… something that can submerge and launch 4 torpedoes at the same time. How is it called… damn.


oh i think it was alles O-Boat
But im new in that stuff so i don’t know ;)

Since they upped Eugen and Hipper BR to 6.0, both became impossible to play. You always end up vs. 7.0 BBs. Not a single game without this +1 uptier. This is so pointless, you almost die with one volley and can’t do anything in return. Why did I pay for the Eugen I’d ask. Guess this also applies for other cruisers.

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Hipper/Eugen and the Helena are just BB city now with no reprieve. I don’t mind fighting Nassaus or the North Dakotas, Kawachis, but Slav papershit BBs and the Marat can fuck off

What you ask is as old as the mode one side getting all the capital ships while the other the smaller ship size & tbh even now it can be still seen at any BR.

Be it MTB Vs Subchaser/Corvette/Frigate/Destroyer, Destroyer Vs Scout/ Light/Heavy/Large Light/ Armoured/ Battlecruiser, Those cruisers Vs Battleship.

But I don’t think limiting to one is a good idea (huh doesn’t enlisted let you have two tanks/ two aircraft or was thst changed with the merge?), A limited in this game would cause further queue times (even longer than now) & those with poor internet quality will miss out on spawning said ships (been there with a few tanks tbh it ain’t fun).

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Dreams are free, since we are dreaming: Exocets!

Yeah two tank and a single attacker and single fighter

I’m not saying limit to one, but maybe 3 would be more reasonable, but having entire teams of BBs spawn against entire teams of CL/CA isn’t fun and is further killing interest in the mode because its combined with these godawful maps that were fine when it was just coastal stuff and basic destroyers
The spawns for “heavy” fleet are the worst I’ve seen in any game ever

Naval is only playable at max br 4.7 with destroyers, above this br is waste of time.

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They still stand a better chance than the russian light cruisers though.

My opinion is focus in Brs:

Destroyers vs destroyers in Brs. 1.0 to max 3.0

light cruiser | Heavy cruiser in Brs: 4.3 to max 6.0

BC vs BBs in Brs.7.3+

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