Battlepass challenges

Don’t ever force players to play specific modes, like capture 1 point, shoot 1 plane and 1 ground vehicle in Air AB.
Most challenges I like and can complete without too much fuss but waiting 5 minutes to get into a battle then finding it is ground strike fjords (no use to me), quit, swap nation, queue 5 mins again… ground strike fjords. You get the idea.
Then when I do finally get a domination map it is single point and there are 13 enemy ground vehicles.
A lot has to happen out of my control for me to get 1 plane, 1 tank and 1 capture.
Overall I spent about 4 hours trying to do this last night but it is bleeding impossible if maps are just ground strike fjords.
I get trying to get everyone to play land, sea and air but let us choose AB, RB or SB


This was an easy challenge. Took me about a hour split over two evenings

‘Liked’ several capture maps, built a 4.7 British lineup (typhoon, fireflys, spitfire). Launched with the typhoon, and if I was lucky got capture/ground/air all done within a minute of spawning.

Sure you get ground strike sometimes, but I’d just return to hangar and do a naval or tank battle. It’s not like the time limit on the quest is oppressive, so it’s pretty easy.

Getting the naval quest done was far more difficult….because naval.