Battle victories & defeats

Hi :)

Why does the team I’m on lose so much .

I win 2 ou 3 match out of 10 , more or less …

I usually play at night with an average of 10 match . Today I played 6 matches and lost them all .

I play german tanks.

I have 1000+ matches with one of the vehicles , and my win rate is 45% with that vehicle.

thanks in advance

German teams are dogwater. They are the reason the Tiger H1 is only at 5.3 as opposed to 5.7 or 6.0 it should be at

Yes, it’s true, players who have the tiger and don’t even kill an enemy per battle, it’s normal that it’s impossible to win something…a total killjoy.

Win rate is personal so it is all your fault, you should win games regardless of team (am I being sarcastic? Or pointing out the average opinion of players I come across? Or Both?).

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HAHAHAHA what. If I play 5.7 Germany, get 10 kills, 4 caps, 2 assists and don’t die once, and I lose, that’s all my fault? 5.7 Germany is notoriously bad teammates wise, and even if I just get a measly 3 kills I’m often first on my team in the leaderboard.

I know I’m not a good player , but I also know that no matter how bad I am , there will come a time when I can and will kill the best player …

Knowing that a team"s victory doesn’t depend exclusively on my performance , I can’t understand why the team I’m on is more likely to lose than win .


German teams are shit. That’s why.

Are you confused when you buy a lottery ticket and don’t win?
Would you build a new home using 15 random people you hired out of an employment agency and expect a house?
Happen stance is a bitch and it’s just luck of the draw. One day you’re the dog, next day you’re the fire hydrant.


On the other forum someone said this and why…

Why are German teams bad?


I can just quote spookston YouTuber
At my funeral I want German players be my pallbearers so they can let me down one last time

On why tigers are considered the unkillable
Beast so alot of people play it that way and get destroyed same for the Panther (which is less forgiving becouse of its Reverse Speed)

And its one of the big 3
And I think it’s the most used Starter nation
And the German collection is the most gotten collection achievement on steam(compared to the Swedish or Italian collection which are rare)

So to sum it up overconfident players which contain the Biggest percentage of noobs (whit a large amount of players wo don’t know that you can bring less shells which significantly decreases the chance of the tank Turning into confetti on hit )

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“Har har invincible tiger go brrrrr”

There is no way that the Tiger H1 can be 6.0 at all, It should be 5.7 at most, same thing with the Tiger E.

Panthers are better and more idiot-proof than the Tiger Is.

Tiger is so much better than Panther what are you on

I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who is facing them, Tigers are much easier to kill because no one knows how to play them. I enjoy playing the tigers more, because the Panthers playstyle isnt for me.

The tiger fits better in Jack of all Trades Master of non Category which is bad for a Heavys
It doesn’t have the armor like the Jumbo or Churchill nor the gun or mobility like the French or Russian heavys

The Panther has good frontal armor and gun going for it

Yeah that’s true, but when playing Tigers I can easily wipe a match, as opposed to 4-6 kills in a Panther, because it requires a much more careful playstyle

Tiger fits in Master of all trades for me, it can do anything I tell it to with ease

That’s it’s problem it feels more like a medium
And for that it lacks both mobility and Agility

it doesn’t lack mobility or agility?

Worse mobility has a panther agility yea that Point Goas to the Tiger
But compared to mediums and light tanks it suffers in the agility compartment