Battle Rating

During one year of playing WarThunder, I kept getting killed instantly without having any kills or I rarely got one and I believe it is because of battle rating was outnumbered compared to my battle rating. So, how do I make the battle rating fair?

Hmmm with 2 battles for a year that’s normal…

I mean, let’s say, I have some tanks with battle rating from 2.7 to 3.3, but when I get on the game, I have seen many of tanks which their battle rating are outnumbered me, so, how do I fix that?

You would see 4.3 max. That is normal. Rank 1 is not super popular so you will pulled to 4.3.

Alright, thank you. One more thing, can you manage battle rating?

What do you mean by “manage”? Your highest br tank, or tank/plane in realistic, will be used to determine the brs your can face. If you have three 2.0s and one 4.0, you can face 3.0-5.0. It is best to try to keep your line ups with similar brs.

Now that makes more sense, thank you!

No problem. Get some good matches in for war thunder’s b-day