Battle Rating changes for January 2024 (post feedback)

I decided to give the sep v2 a chance today, it’s still the worst tank I’ve ever used. It’s so bad lol props to you for doing good with it. It hurts me how fragile it is and paired with Its slow speed, is unbearable for me. I spawned 4 times in 3 different games— I was one shot killed all 4 spawns by flanking enemies or spawn rushing leopards.I hate it. You’ve got to be a really good player to good with it. Props to you sir.

Also, I haven’t played top tier in a while so I was rusty. I want to use it and be good with it but I don’t have the patience for it.

not sure how many tanks got spall liners, but there are only a limited amount of 11.0 MBT’s in the game:

  • USA IPM1, M1A1;
  • JPN Type 90, Type 90B, TKX (p);
  • ISR Merkava 3B, Merkava 3C;

Have to see how it performs, but 10.3-7 sounds better, in full up-tier that round will still threaten most tanks.

The M1 IP nor M1A1 have Spall Liners, and generally speaking should be easy bait for the Obj. The Type 90s have a nice reload and a decent round, but the moment you shoot them with the Obj. They should also be obliterated. Not sure about the Merks though because I don’t see them played all that often.

Mostly the big Leo2s you will see all the time have spall liners, the CR2s, T90M, otherwise I’m not sure. It’ll be noticeable though.

Since all tanks have easy weakspots starting from hightier, any tank is threatened by almost any MBT. The 292 just threatens them a bit more than usual.

Can you put the Char 25t back to 7.7 now please

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I’ll get back to this probably this weekend, college has been draining me hard so I’ve just not sat down to go through the analysis.