Battle Rating changes for January 2024 (post feedback)

Yes, im going to say it, The AGS will die at 11.0 with only M833.


Thank you for revising some of the BR changes, again I would like you to please look at the Otomatic. It needs to go down to 10.0. Please Gaijin, decrease the Otomatics BR.

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Is there any clear reason for Falcon going up to 8.3? Its wild that from 5.3-8.3 the best the brits get is either Skink or Bosvark. Either we need a new tech tree AA to fill that gap, or the Falcon should stay where it is. Is it good at being AT and AA, yes. Straight up its powerful, but it isn’t dominating the meta. The days of the sabot Falcons murdering everything they come across is no more. By this metric, they should regain the entire APDS belt like they had originally, to bring them in line with the other British AA. Marksman has the APDS belt, admittedly artificially gimped at 40 rounds, so why not full belt the Falcon now if its going to 8.3?


I completely agree with this change, please consider this Gaijin.

Strelas performance is far superior to other IR-based AAs, beside type 81.

Vehicle that performs objectively better in its role than its contemporaries gets uptiered, wheres problem with that?


Bro watch Bosvark get moved to 6.3. Skink to 5.7. Honestly I have no idea what Brits could get to fill in the 5.3-now 8.3 void.


My 2 cents, not that it will make any impact. But excuse me…how on earth is the Char25T going to 8.0!!! But the Somua stays at 7.7, the char has no right facing 9.0 tanks.
Why do you constantly nerf the minority of French players into the ground I’m not even a France main, well I was until you butcherd the BRs of France. The tank was fine at 7.0/7.3, Even though I loved it at 6.7 haha.
Further more the Lorraine 70 has a higher pen shell fast reload and is faster, yet it stays at 7.7…

Stop Balancing the game like this. Actually look at what it faces in uptiers and the armour it faces, as we all know majority of games are never at your BR.

Maybe we wouldn’t need to make such hasty BR changes if you brought in a 0.7 +/- Br system especially in later BR brackets past 8.0. Your servers are packed!!! Far more than when I started 10+ yrs ago

Also there is no need for a prop to vs Radar SPAA. They should all be 8.0 br min.

This comment underlines the whole idea of why BR change is more harm than good.
There is a whole line of 5.3 for the UK and it’s a fair one and the Skink is part of it ,move that to 5.7 and the whole 5.3 line up loses it’s SPAA. Or your whole 5.3 line up now has to play 5.7 to .6.7.

Just a small change = Big repercussions.

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whats funny is half the french things that dont have an autoloader should fire way faster regardless because of the power of a loading tray, keep a round ready on tray and all you have to do is open breach, eject, slide tray over, push in, shut breach, max 6s, then get another shell onto the tray, but have a non tray reload take the longer reloads gaijin added to them

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F-5C should have its flares removed, and go to 9.7

It would be a perfect buddy for the T-2 there.

Im sorry what? F-5C at 9.7?

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Yes, with no flares.

Otherwise, it gets two AIM-9Es, while the faster Mitsubishi T-2 gets the better AIM-9Js.

Of course, this is assuming they’d fix the absolutely nutty DM/FM/heat generation issues.

me watching my missile miss the f5c as its heat sig full heat is less then a harrier

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Meanwhile the M60 AMBT has been at that BR with a similar roubd for years.

F-5C, if anything, should go up to 10.7 and F-5E to 11.0.

It has absolutely cracked plane perfomance for dogfighting.


I disagree with the ‘all F-104Gs should have come down’. The German F-104G has flares while the Chinese one does not, which makes the German one a lot better than it already.

Which is weird, given I tend to get behind them surprisingly often

The only caveat being that missiles tend to be a near non-option if they have even the slightest hint of a braincell and pop flares, given those seem to have 2x its heat sig on full afterburn…

I think we all want an up br to 12.0 or 12.3 for top tier tanks please.

I also want to point out that the HSTV-L should either get its ammo fixed and get the hevt shell OR lower it’s br

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i play the spruts but the vertican targeting speed is just a crime that is NOT WORTH playing the Sprut

In terms of actual suggestion…

EJ Kai gets AAM-3s, keep as-is BR-wise

Reasoning? It’s a non-agile-eagle phantom chassis with 9Ls and 7Fs stuck at 11.7, while the Kurnass 2000 with those slats at 11.3 gets to carry six Python 3s. I do believe the EJ Kai deserves a little something, especially considering it carried those missiles in reality…