Battle Pass - you did it WRONG

Here’s how battle pass should work
Increasing daily login reward as it is now: Great, this should stay as it is

Progress based on ANY activity rather then specific task. I’m giving you MONEY so that you may constrain me and tell me what and how I need to play - NOPE - I play when I want and what I want.
I wont PAY YOU so I could JUMP THRU THE HOOPS : ) What do you think this is : ) ??

System must be lose and not too demanding.
General guiding idea -
if you’re casual player and play regularly you should have no issues getting to the end of BP.
End of BP - 50% discount on next BP. I will rather give you 5$ every 3 months then you make me piss blood to get some mostly irrelevant prize

Progress based on various tasks (do 3 of 5 to get +10 points), Tasks:
Get 10 wins
Kill 10 enemies
Get 10K points
Get 10 Assists
(You get the idea)

All coupons tradable by default. Set the minimum price if you want but having market overflown by cheap vehicles is good for everyone, and incentivize more ppl to spend, and get to use the market (foot in the door tactic)

I would bet money that these changes, if implemented would generate MORE MONEY - and that is something you want, right?

And I can already tell there will be a forum member that will clam something along the line “aChTuKaLlY, EfFoRt InCreAseS tHe PrIzE ExcLusSiviTy …”
: ))))


Here is how it works for me:

Currently I’m grinding air tree because that is what I wanna do.
I play regularly, probably more hrs /day than average player
I’m also doing the special tasks

I’m at the page 5 of the BP. If I get to page 9 (Strikemaster) I will buy the BP
If not, oh well …


I actually like the challenge the, ahaha, Challenges offer, as they motivate me to play vehicles classes, nations, playstyles that I usually don’t play.

And also I find the fact that one needs to put in a bit of extra effort ok to get extra BP rewards: If it’s “everybody gets everything easily”, the whole thing kinda makes no sense.

That, of course, is my own personal view, and can of course be disagreed with.


I mean, this is the case? Do your dailies, which you can casually complete during normal play. Maybe miss a few medium tasks and rarely get a special tasl done. Offcourse doing at least some of the BP challanges along the way, by accident or Intentionally.

Do this through the BP and you should roughly get the top vehicle reward. The end of BP 150 level is for those who want to put in the effort. That also goes for the top coupon upgrade awards

I don’t mind challenges but they should be extra reward, not default tasks, on top of regular easy rewards
Also, no time restrains

For example,
if you get 50 kills with GER SPG’s you would get +30 BP progress
30 Kills with AA vehicle of any nation, +30 Bp progress

This si a dumb argument and you know it. And I’m getting nothing easily. I pay and I play. What more do you want??


It’s not nearly as bad as you make it sound. Many of the battle pass missions are just things you get done anyway in general play. Over the years now I’ve completed many missions without even knowing it. Yeas the battle pass missions are important but you don’t need to do them all to complete the battle pass.

Isnt one of the things you said that part of the BP is to play regularly?

None of the challanges have very strict time requirements really. So its seemingly mostly to reward people who play regularly.

That already exists: All trees have premiums for under 2000-2500 GE. Login and buy your “new battle pass vehicle”. Play casual. Have no issues. You even have instant gratification on top. Next pass even starts whenever you want to.

you should be allowed to do any of the battle pass tasks with any of the event vehicles just like this winter event atm, that would be better too

Actually, it’s much worse.
I’m engaged player that plays easily 3+ hrs daily, but I play only air at this time
I’m at level 38 - 100 days of playing /of 120
Vehicle is however at lvl 75
BP has 150 levels (!!)

Again, they are bleeding you dry of your time, which is the most valuable commodity, for peanuts, and again, many of you are fine by that. We have the saying “he got used to it like donkey gets used on getting beat”

Tell me one thing, how much of the players engage in the BP? I would estimate not that manny.
Would more players do it if it was casually oriented? I would say …probably yes.
There you go.


You don’t have to do 150 levels, kvl 75 gets you all the vehicles and after that’s it’s just the free BP reward and war bonds and if your getting the free BP then the “I paid” part means much less as you didn’t pay.

It’s not hard and the point of the BP is the prizes AND the challenges.

It’s way way less an issue then you making out

I’m sure then that most of players play it regularly, right? Over 50%, because only that your argument would have merit.

However if like 10-15% of the people participate in the BP … then I’m right and you’re absolutely wrong.

Which number of those 2 is closer to the truth, you think?

You just don’t know, this information isn’t open source so your speculating.

I liked how it was in the first season.

The BP challenges just unlocked one every week and they had no time limit.

In the end I have noticed that I had completed most challenges even without specifically grindinh them and that after claiming them I had enough BP points for the main prize, so I actually bought it.


What do you think about the challenges that require a very specific vehicle class, such as rank III+ motor gunboat? Such as “Storm Warning”.

IMO this is too restrictive, and not even a “challenge”. It just requires you to have something rare, it’s not a test of skill or accomplishment.

Edit: AFAIK there’s only like 4 motor gunboats that are rank 3 or above, and one of them is an event vehicle.


Yes, they are sometimes challenging, and the one you mentioned I think the most restricting so far in regards to specific vehicle requirements (and lack of clear, useful description of the requirements).

I find other tasks more challenging or restrictive however, e.g. “Awakening the Volcano”, which asks for an air kill AND a ground/surface kill AND a captured zone in Air, Ground and Naval battles.

I don’t even try that.

Still, if you miss a challenge, or two, or three, or more, you still manage to get to BP level 75.

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I concur, “Awakening the Volcano” is particularly frustrating.

My biggest complaint with it is the air battles part, which can only be completed in air arcade on maps that have capturable airfields.

Again, this isn’t a challenge that tests your skills, only your patience as you have no control over the matchmaker. The airfield capture maps are just too rare. Chances are you’ll be playing like 8 ground strike battles for every airfield one.

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That should actually settle it pretty well. I do the daily and special tasks almost exclusively with air, and that doesn’t take too long.

I do however have the means to complete the other seven challenges (non air) in this pass (not in general). You would lose 7 challenges, subtracting 7x3 = 21 levels at the moment, if you only use air. I have collected level 125 today, I would be on 104 instead atm. I don’t quite see the issue. If I had also abstained from the enhanced pass, I would be at LvL 89, with air only. That should still do the trick.

If you only want stuff from the first page of the shop with only planes at your disposal, you could now still be at 79, with about +10 lvls left to go for login alone. You would miss out on the final screen and a lvl 5 talisman.

Only if you “anger” the game by quitting. Put over 50% bombers in and anger the game the right way.

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I’ve been playing WT for years and I’ve never paid attention to the battle pass.

I see that I should play ships and tanks, when 99% of my time is with planes, therefore, it is not content for me.

A shame, because I wouldn’t mind paying for it like I do with the Enlisted one.

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