Battle pass warbonds rewards

A question because this is my first battle pass experience.

Is it possible to use unclaimed warbond rewards in the upcoming, not the current, warbond shop?
I remember there’s a 7 day grace period when two warbond shops coexist, but will it then still be possible to claim warbond rewards from the finished battle pass?

You keep warbonds through battlepasses, yes, but not the shop level nor special tasks.

Do note that theres a hard limit on how many warbonds you can have at one time tho.

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I’m about to exceed the limit of 3600 so will it be possible to claim the rewards during those 7 days or will it be too late?
I’m not sure of the exact timing when claiming will no longer be possible.

EDIT: Ok due to the shop levels this idea might not make any sense.

You can use the warbonds, but because you won’t have the special tasks for the new BP done, there won’t be much you’re allowed to buy.

It works better the other way… Earn a few extra WB at the start of the new season and use them in the old shop.

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