Battle Pass Vehicles: USS Flagstaff

Oh okay. Well I guess we’ll see 🤷‍♂️

TBH you’re going to probably meet all six SKR’s in game with the Flagstaff & all of them will ruin it’s matches, Although you’ll probably meet more TKA’s & MPK’s if we go just by soviet naval designations. (SKR Sentry Ship (frigates upwards generally as there are some smaller as seen by the Project 2), TK Torpedo Cutter (MTB’s), MPK Small Anti-Submarine (Sub frigate, be it corvettes or subchasers).

@Calerid , I’m not sure it’s courage or just foolish but such a poxy thing such be called out as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them call out other dev blogs, So why start here?

Further thoughts on this ship & BP, The devs had a chance at making this the first top reward vessel & making it Rank IV like the USS Tucumcari PGH-2 but have chosen to make it this Rank III, Somehow I guess the Swedish Tiger IIP will be the top reward which kinda sucks as I doubt there’ll be any different to the German variant which again sucks as the USS Flagstaff PGH-1 is the only unique thing in this BP if the leaks are truly ture (that or there’s a fourth hidden machine).


Copypaste P-51C for china and a copypaste Tiger II (P) for sweden

I guess it is good to have unappealing BP from time to time. Get some rest. See the outdoors.

And maybe the next event cycle vehicles will be cheaper than 45000000 per two days?

Yet another vehicle that could’ve been multiple ones, forced into one…

You should announce the next BP vehicle by now

The day is allmost over.

There are 24 time zones on the earth. The day ending for you means another is starting for others. If you haven’t seen, they announced the event vehicle today so I doubt the next BP vehicle will be announced today. But I too would love for it to be announced

Edit: Well I guess I was wrong, it was just announced

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“Forced”? It’s the same boat with a different turret. Not even the same class of boat, literally the same boat.

This is likely the free one, right? I mean, there was a tank and a plane in last two BPs…

No. The naval one is almost always the first one, and it not free. The P-51 will be the one the one that’s free. If the tiger is also going to happen, that’ll be the last one that is also not free.

There’s a plane, tank and, ship in each BP. They used to have 4 vehicles, but they haven’t done that in awhile.

Man, I don’t like air so having 2 planes in a row for BP just seems stupid

What!?😂 It been to BP in a row having tanks and ships to 😂

Yeah i know that but doesn’t mean i have to like it
BPs just seems to cater more to the free option being the plane for some reason

Oh!!! That’s what you mean. I thought you just meant that you were upset that they had a plane in each one😂

The “guess” was accurate.

WT has been running out of reasonable vehicles and is giving us even increasingly silly offerings.

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in the preview it is displayed with the stock 152 turret, but in the testdrive there is only the 40mm active, even if that is not unlocked in the preview stage

the bofos is real pain it jumps up to 1km in distance by no waves, i do not understand that, in other costal ships the same bofos is more relaible