Battle Pass Vehicles: USS Flagstaff

What are they?

Until you mean one with a JM61 or AK-725 mount heh (1-Go class & Project 206M respectively), This thing has a chance with the bonk gun (& if it ever does get the MGM-151).

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I know I’m probably risking a ban here or a lecture from you but that has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen you say as looking back at past dev blogs most players are typically going to mention other machines in the game be it adversaries in around the new machines BR or similar (looks to the last BP dev blog with players mentioning M41D’s & Centurion tanks, Or better yet the F-5E FCU post which has people discussing ships, tanks & other aircraft) & hell I’ve just mentioned two hydrofoils this thing is probably gotten meet & be sunk by often.


yeah, you have many vehicles with interchangable weaponry now within the Modification menu:
Bf 109 G series (except G-2)
Bf 109 K-4
some Yak-9s
Anything with a standard ATGM as a secondary weapon (E.G BMP-1, Warrior)

i also dare say im missing a shit ton

It would probaballly just be better to have a .50 on the enforcer constantly, a machinegun isnt really worth a whole modification for it, but the Chally 2s should recieve it nethertheless, Their sub-par and non-meta anyway, and a small buff would be welcome

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I supposed this would be the free 3.7 prem bp vehicle that we gonna get, kinda mid reward but i guess now we have something for none naval players to use and grind naval missions with.

It took a year to fit the Sheridan turret on the Flagstaff and then the USCG removed it and didn’t even remount the 40mm.

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Please think about fixing coastal BRs before adding more BP vehicles…

SKRs even being able to meet vehicles like this and PT-808 feels like a mistake.

Alright Gaijoob, one M551 was enough… Now two in a row???

Slow it down man

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Boo hoo?

This leak came yesterday and the Flagstaff is on it…

So I guess the battlepass vehicles are already known.


i have yet to understand. Wrong reply?

I think they means this.

Yeah well USCG normally doesn’t engage in combat - they carried small arms for their needs.

but all in all looks like a pretty boring BP offering this time.

It’s only been one vehicle. And just because one that was guessed to be a BP vehicle doesn’t mean that all the ones guessed will also be in it

That’s why it only LOOKS LIKE it’s boring - if we get those 3 then it will BE boring.

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oh ok, it’s just an idiot flamming for no reason, makes sense.

Olivia’s leaks are usually spot on, so I’d say that yes the other 2 vehicles are all but confirmed.

By friend, you were brave.


I mean, I guess if the other two vehicles are what they are said to be, I guess it would be boring to some people. I personally don’t mind if those are the vehicles in the BP. Ever since the F6 in the BP, I try to get all mustangs that come along, bc mustangs are my all time favorite aircraft. And the tiger 2 would greatly help me grind out Sweden, so I don’t mind that either

But that’s just me, everyone is entitled to their own opinions :)