Battle Pass Vehicles: USS Flagstaff

Welcome to the naval reward for the upcoming Battle Pass season: USS Flagstaff. This is an amazing hydrofoil with a turret from the M551 Sheridan tank!

USS Flagstaff: A Premium US Motor Gun Boat at Rank III


  • Hydrofoil!
  • Very high top speed.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • 152 mm gun!
Vehicle History

USS Flagstaff was one of two experimental hydrofoils that the US Navy ordered to study the design’s feasibility in the late 60’s. These boats received the PGH name — Patrol Gunboat Hydrofoil. Both boats were designed by aeronautical engineering companies: the PGH-1 Flagstaff by Grumman and the PGH-2 Tucumcari by Boeing. Soon after they were put into service, both went to South Vietnam, however not for long as the repair and maintenance of them in the field turned out to be too difficult. After a period of service in the Pacific Fleet, USS Flagstaff was leased to the US Coast Guard as there was a request for a speedboat to combat maritime drug trafficking. Here the boat did not take root for similar reasons, as maintaining a hydrofoil boat turned out to be too expensive and technically difficult. In 1978, USS Flagstaff returned to the fleet and was soon dismantled for metal, and the idea of mass construction of hydrofoil boats was recognized as untenable.

Meet USS Flagstaff!

Aircraft designers are joining the navy! That’s because USS Flagstaff was developed by engineers from the aircraft manufacturer Grumman... it too has wings: underwater wings! This one’s fast and agile, comes with premium bonuses and a turret from the M551 tank. It’s the naval reward for the upcoming Battle Pass season starting on April 24th, so let’s take a further look!

USS Flagstaff is both a competitor and close relative of the USS Tucumcari motor gun boat, which you may already be familiar with. Both of these boats were developed within the same program and served side by side during the Vietnam War. USS Flagstaff has the same blistering speed and excellent maneuverability, being able to quickly accelerate to 94 km/h in Realistic Battles, and more than 120 km/h in Arcade Battles. USS Flagstaff is heavier than USS Tucumcari, but is only slightly inferior to it in terms of maneuverability. It’ll still be easy to pass between trickier areas such as small islands and rocks, and at speed it can even jump small shoals. Perfect for getting to capture points in shallow water!

Download Wallpaper:

The main feature of the USS Flagstaff is its interchangeable main gun. You’re able to pick between the M551 Sheridan tank’s turret with a 152 mm gun, or a 40 mm Bofors automatic cannon to be mounted at the front. Both guns are very well positioned and allow for targeted fire at full speed during maneuvers. The short 152 mm cannon fires high-explosive rounds, where the first hit will likely be fatal to a boat or cause serious damage to a destroyer. The 40 mm Bofors does less damage, but fires automatically and is good at aiming at ranges. It’s worth noting that USS Flagstaff is slightly larger than USS Tucumcari: it’s longer and higher above the water when maneuvering forward, making it more stable when firing. The main gun is complemented by 4 x 12.7 mm Browning machine guns in two twin mounts, and an 81 mm mortar at the stern. This can be useful in attacks on stationary or slow targets, however you’ll need to stop the boat to fire, otherwise it becomes almost impossible to hit anything.

In terms of protection, USS Flagstaff’s armor is slightly similar to that of the USS Tucumcari and in practice can be penetrated by any caliber, including rifle calibers. Because of this, definitely try to avoid enemy fire as the USS Flagstaff will only survive when maneuvering around.

That’s today’s blog done! Tomorrow, we’ll continue talking about another vehicle reward that’s coming to the new Battle Pass season in War Thunder, starting on April 24th. See you soon!


I live in Arizona and Flagstaff is a city up in the northern part so now i have to get this


neat addition for the two people that play american coastals


It has the potential to be quite deadly in coastal with those 40mm Bofors and the Browning twin mounts and it being a hydrofoil vehicle spells grievance for everyone else.

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Will this be able to use the MGM-51B Shillelagh?


Was that thing just hovering above the water?
Truly breathtaking technology

Thinking about it, does this thing just go above torpedos and prevents detonation?

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This is sick! Just saw something about this

uninteresting bp. Vehicle could be fun, but naval isn’t and we already know the 2 other vehicles (boring ones). The only thing that made me buy the bp was the level 14 reward, usually a low tier fun vehicle, but can’t have fun with gaijin i guess.

So… interchangable guns are no longer a game limiation?. Leonardo Enforcer on the Challenger 2 with Interchangable weapons now an option?


Live fast, kill fast, run aground fast, die fast.

Will the wings be retractable? I doubt it and you’ll be left with a very deep draft at low speeds. I wonder how many will suffer the same fate as her real life competitor the Tucumcari that struck a reef at 40kts causing major damage and injuring her entire crew?


Is HE the only warhead that can be used by Flagstaff? Do you plan to prepare any other warheads?

Whatever it is, it is a great reward for Coastal!


That’s what is named for 😂

Only one of its class ever and it went USN to USCG.

They haven’t been a problem for ages - couple of planes get them, for example - selected as modification.

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This was a real boat. It operated under both the USN and USCG.

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Exchangable guns is probably a vehicle by vehicle basis.

The Flagstaff and Tucumcari were prototypes only, although they did see some service testing. It’s very likely the entire turret/gun/magazine could be removed and replaced as a single unit which is often not the case where most vehicles have theirs distributed.

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Well that’s a very pessimistic outlook on it, and also no, we don’t know the other 2 vehicles yet, so don’t just jump to conclusions


This is USS Flagstaff devblog.
If you want to discuss other vehicles, please use Machinery of War section.


If the handles like the Tucumcari, “maneuverability” doesn’t means what you think it means.


Didn’t expect much from the US costal flee

Hydrofoils are garbage in WT…