Battle Pass Vehicles: Le Triomphant

Today we’re going to be talking about the main naval prize of the upcoming Battle Pass season: the French premium Destroyer Le Triomphant, coming in as one of the fastest Bluewater Fleet ships in the entire game!

Le Triomphant: A Premium French Destroyer at Rank III


  • Fantastic max top speed.
  • 4 main caliber turrets.
  • Decent anti-aircraft guns.
  • Premium status!

Vehicle History

The Le Fantasque series of destroyers were designed to operate in homogeneous formations as an alternative to light cruisers. All ships of this series were launched and commissioned between 1933 and 1936, and were modernized many times over time. Le Triomphant, like its sister ships, actively took part in the events of World War II during the Norwegian operation. After the surrender of France, it was captured by the British and then was used by Free France as part of their maritime forces. It also operated in the Pacific Ocean, escorting convoys from Australia and New Zealand as well as in Vietnam in 1945 to 1946. Serving until 1949, the Le Triomphant met its ultimate demise when it was dismantled and sold for scrap in 1957.

Meet Le Triomphant!

Welcome to the main naval prize of the upcoming Battle Pass season: the French Le Triomphant destroyer of the Le Fantasque-class. Primarily designed to hunt other destroyers, ships from this class rely more on raw firepower and speed over using torpedoes. Because of this, Le Triomphant is essentially a miniature cruiser since it features excellent guns, decent anti-aircraft capability and one of the best top speeds amongst other ships in the game. Let’s take a further look!

Are you a commander of the French Bluewater fleet? If you are, you’ve surely come across the Le Malin destroyer that’s already in the game. This destroyer has an excellent max speed but at the same time lacks any significant armor protection, however its excellent main caliber weaponry that are capable of firing SAPBC rounds are ideal for engaging other destroyers and even lightly armored cruisers. So what makes the brand-new Le Triomphant any different?

Interesting: According to the Guinness Book of Records, in 1935, one of the Le Fantasque class of ships — destroyer Le Terrible — set a world speed record in its class, accelerating to a staggering 45.25 knots (83.42 km/h)! Ironic.

First up, Le Triomphant has a set of slightly different weapons. One of the main caliber stern turrets was replaced with a British 4 inch anti-aircraft gun, meaning Le Triomphant only has 4 main battery turrets, with each featuring a 138.6 mm gun for use against enemy ships. However, these weapons still cope well against all types of destroyers in the game, but bear in mind the low horizontal guidance speed, plus their weak protection. Compared to Le Malin, the weaponry for use against boats and aircraft is weaker: just 2 x 40 mm Bofor guns, 2 x 37 mm automatic cannons and 6 x 20 mm Oerlikon cannons. Despite this, thanks to the ever-so handy ability for ship gunners to engage small boats and aircraft on their own, these weapons are still effective.

Download Wallpaper:

The next difference is between the max speed, which is even higher on Le Triomphant compared to Le Malin. This one’s awesome, as with a fully trained crew, you’ll be able to reach max speeds of 43 knots, which is just about 80 km/h — which is almost a record for destroyers!

Coming onto the last difference which is the premium status of Le Triomphant. This destroyer is going to be useful in Tier III lineups for researching other French ships, and also serves as an ideal platform for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the French Bluewater fleet research tree.

In your matches by Keith, Community Manager: “The French warships have a special place in my heart to play, I really love them (second only to the Brits). The speed and decent maneuverability allow a good player to get into advantageous firing positions and the punchy gunnery of this DD (remember to keep them all clear of the superstructure) will remind any opponents that you won't succumb easily to intimidation. Use the ship's turn to help bear the main guns onto enemy targets and keep your eyes open for any smaller boats looking to sneak up on you and dispatch them with the secondary and tertiary weapons. Calm seas commanders.

That about rounds off the first dev blog for the upcoming Battle Pass season (and the first for 2024), which will be arriving to your hangar on January 24th, where Le Triomphant can be yours by completing missions in this new season. Tomorrow we’ll be showing you another Battle Pass vehicle and in the near future the details surrounding the full list of prizes, so stay tuned!


It’s a boat.

Been a long time since I was compelled to even do battle pass. I dont play naval or go above 6BR. Shame we don’t have different pathways to chose.

Do people actually still play naval?
What a dumb prize…

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Excellent! As a competitive Rank III premium that was lacking in the French Naval TT, this ship is a good and fairly inexpensive option.


First bluewater BP prize?

No 2

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stupid prize, are there anyone play the navy?

It’s the 6th, actually :
1st is the ORP Garland (1st BP)
2nd is the Z25 (2nd BP)
3rd is the Voroshilov (3rd BP)
4th is the USS Detroit (4th BP)
5th is the HMS Cadiz (7th BP)

The next BP season is the 14th one. So it’s been a while.


It’s only ironic in English :)

In French, “terrible” means “fearful”, or “impressive”.


Gaijin you should fix the navy first before you come out with something like that. Maps are rubbish, the spur points are also just rubbish. Let the Navy fix it!!!


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Jesus, 14th?

Yeah . . time goes by rather quickly, eh?? . . lol

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I wonder how many players actually do every tier and every game mode? You would have to in order for Battle pass to have any appeal. Chances of wanting every vehicle must be slim ? I never see anything I want in BP.

Yes, it does seem pretty good and might even propel some to try the French naval addition to the game. I do play naval, not as much as planes or tanks I guess, but there are prolly more naval players than many think. I’m not sure there are all that many that play naval “all the time” or main that mode, but I’ll wager there are more than a few. I don’t think a lot of players give it a chance or play enough of it to get to where they enjoy it. I have taken long breaks from naval here & there, but always find something to bring me back to it from time to time as well. The addition of the USS Texas got me playing US Bluewater again and I am actually not far from finishing it out . . . then I’ll just have to decide which nation to “work”/play next . . . this BP French ship, being premium and all, might push me that way . . . 8 )


So many people crying that there’s a naval prize in the battlepass as if there isn’t one in every single battlepass.


I also like to play naval, mostly arcade. My impression is also that the BP tasks in naval are quite easier to fullfill as in the other game modes. Last but no least I have a good income in SL by playing naval. But I also like to play ground Rb and air arcade…


i dont care if there’s any navy prize cause we always get one but given that its a blue water im afraid that it will occupy the place of the third prize

So is this First reward or Second reward?

Can’t ever tell

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