Battle pass unclaimed rewards

Hi folks,

With the end of the battle pass I had unclaimed rewards. I didnt play much in the last time, mostly did daily logins and just wanted to get the rewards and boosters with the end of battle pass to use them over the coming weekend.
A news post from warthunder in january [Battle Pass] Meet Airborne General, the 14th Season of the Battle Pass! - Actualités - War Thunder made me believe that I didnt had to claim rewards manually to get them at the end of the season.
Quote of the part im talking about : " New! You’ll now automatically receive all Battle Pass rewards that you earn, even if you forget to claim them on time. At the end of the season, all unclaimed rewards will be credited to your account when you first log into the game. This new feature has already come into effect, which means that you’re guaranteed to receive your earned rewards in the current 13th Battle Pass Season, which ends on January 24th. "

What am I misunderstanding here ? I did get all the free rewards( no IL-8 tho) I didnt claim but I had the premium battle pass and didnt recieve anything from that. IL-8 (1944) AND M551 (76) included. I played the BP to level 79.

In the past battle passes I always claimed my rewards early but that news from january 22th made me believe that there was no need for me to do so.

Appreciate any help


Dang I’m sorry to hear this. I claimed all of mine because I don’t trust things that are just added or put out. I let things get worked out before trying it. I’ve seen lots of other people also saying his has happened to them. All I can recommend is contact Gaijin support and explain to them what has happened.

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Even with buying the “improved” BP, how did you get to level 79 with just daily logins?
I bought it, and did the daily logins and maybe a dozen easy tasks, and I barely made lvl 51 with buying the one lvl boost.

I played the first half of the battle pass daily, so all challenges and most days both missions. Its only in the last month I did only log ins since I knew that would get me over level 75 and that was all I was looking for.

OIC. I guess submit a support ticket. You probably aren’t the only one.

Def not. I’ve seen like a dozen others saying the same thing

Please contact support immediately.

Same here. Reached 75 level, and was literatlly at the middle of claiming rewards when the new season kicks in.

Has anyone got anything from support?

Nope, still on hold.

Yeah, I claim everything as I go . . easier for me that way. But I had a similar problem in that after claiming ALL of the vehicles, I had to manually consume the coupons so I could get the next BP for FREE. I have been doing this for a very long time and I had similar issues once before. At any rate, I had thought I had done this but apparently 1 of the coupons was still in my Inventory, so . . .when the new BP hit, no go on the FREE BP. I was not even aware of this new Unclaimed rewards" thing, but needless to say, after several back & forth emails with Support, I will have to spend money to get a BP for #15. Not a big expense, but now that I am retired and have a lot less money(I like sleeping inside & eating and stuff!) for such things, so . … it is a little annoying. To me, if you consume the vehicle, it should automatically do the coupon as well, because those coupons serve no other purpose besides making the BP vehicles tradeable or getting the next BP for FREE. So I also see this as another flaw and something that should be addressed(especially since it costs me money!!) . . . . ☻
I hope you get it sorted.
p.s. I have had a few other dealings with Support and they were prompt and got my issues sorted out quickly and to my satisfaction in the past. So I see this more as an isolated incident as far as it goes with them. Having worked Customer Service myself(for Xbox even) I understand both sides of the street, so to speak . … . sometimes your hands are just tied