Battle Pass tasks flexibility

Is there any way these tasks can be made to be more flexible?
For example, Turret to Turret. Win with Teamwork and Supporting Fire streaks in winning games.
Some matches I don’t get placed into a team with a squadmate. Sometimes the squadmate enters with AA vehicle. Sometimes he drives to opposite side of map from spawn, doing nothing for minutes. Sometimes they get only 1 kill or 0.

Is it possible to add some kind of Trump card on tasks, so if you do some kind of significant performance, it completes it?

I’ve also been deeply badly burned by battle activity requirements. Checkmark is 85% with Win. 2x in a row I get between 80 and 85 in Wins. I like the challenge these tasks give, but I think some of them need some kind of Trump variable.

Maybe even the trump completion could be purchased with SL if criteria is met, or player can continue attempting to complete the task for the challenge.

Yes ,pay SL and change them

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I mean have a complex task, but have a subtask with it like Heavy Metal Fury 2x that acts as Trump.
So if I fail at main task like Turret to Turret, but I get HMF. I play again to get Turret to Turret. Maybe I fail. Maybe I fail HMF too. I play again. Fail TtT but get another HMF. Buy completion of Subtask for ~50k SL. Or I can try again for TtT.

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I understand your point of your suggestion, but why spend that kind of SL, why not just spend less to get one that is simpler to complete?

Currently the first change is 1000, the next 5000, the next is 10000.


I just threw out a number. 50k is a reroll max amount I think. It’s supposed to be a penalty for opting for the trump task.

It’s actually “progressive” and goes past 50k SL’s to 5 GE and then 10 GE, if you want to go that far. But finding the tasks that work best for you takes a little trial and error, as it’s going to be different for every player to a degree I think. I do my BP tasks in Air AB because i can manage them better than tanks or naval. And I tend to re-roll most of the ones that start with “Win” as they are too dependent on my team mates and less on what I do. Find the ones you enjoy and can manage easier and do those, just have to try and keep the “cost” down when searching . . . ☻

I used to try different modes for simpler tasks, but now I just don’t care. I want to play the modes I like. Same with event grinds. I just avoid the air. I would have done the last boat, but I took a break instead.

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Tasks should have already been done away with.
We need a daily score system.


3000 score basic
5000 score advanced
10000 score special

Right now sometimes I get lucky and finish both daylies in 2 games then ALT F4 and sometimes I can’t do it for hours. With score based daily I could predict how much time it would take me and would be able to plan my life around it.

Maybe. Oh like collecting mission score like event tasks?
I think the tasks are meant to mix up one’s play style. I like the current system. I just think it could be tuned better.

2 out of 4 yearly events used to be task based in the past. In fact alot of events and rewards used to be task based, now most of WT is score based. I think we are not too far away from this change affecting daylies / BP.

It would at least be nice that when we re-roll with our SL for a different task, we wouldn’t get the SAME EXACT task I tried to change. It’s highly annoying.

Maybe it can be added to the random task list for mission score, or maybe opt to buy with SL to replace tasks. If I have something to do, and I want to get some tasks done, the artificial ridiculousness built into the task system sometimes bites back very hard, and it’s very annoying.

Another possibility is move the current task system to the Special Task realm of things, and replace daily tasks with mission score. Because right now, special tasks are just the same daily tasks but with added numerical values to the counts. In other words, they aren’t exactly “special.” Jack up the Special Medal requirement in the shop for all I care.


Yep… so annoying, i hate that too. I don’t know if 50,000SL is the max as I have never gone higher. As soon as I get to 50, I stop. No challenge is worth 50,000 a pop.

The challenges that bug me the most is when you have to get a certain number of assists. For the Battle Pass “5 pointer”, they want “40” assists Why? It’s a war game. I want to kill the enemy not just injure it and run away.

Solid shot ammo.