Battle Pass: Northern King

A new battle-pass season, “​​​​Northern King”, has just started in War Thunder. As usual, it gives you a way to earn valuable rewards by completing easy tasks. There’s one premium vehicle that is up for grabs for free, and you can also unlock two extra vehicles by spending 2,000 Golden Eagles. There are also thematic decals, decorators and other goodies inside!

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I, for one, would like to say that I appreciate that there aren’t any truly unique vehicles in this BP. Unique vehicles shouldn’t be paywalled, they should be made available to all players. Battlepass vehicles should be a way for players to speed up the grind at low to mid ranks.

I wish I was able to get the one Swedish heavy, but no, it’s behind a paywall and what is probably more time dedicated to grinding the battle pass than I have time in a month to do.

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just insane

Probably won’t be able to get it with most countries anyway. One challenge needs to kill enemy with 1000kg minimum bombs. Only high BR bombers can do this, with only one WW2 bomber able to. Russians and Brits can with lower BR bombers. Oh, well. Sucks to suck I guess.

have you tried the Stuka? It’s low br with 1000kg bomb = easy 1 kill

It’s not unique though, is it? Its a copy past Tiger 2 that you can get for free. So all of us that play the Tiger 2 for Germany can now face the same tank just like the Atari games of the 80s ,a real step forward there :)

Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t noticed the Stuka bomb carry (Only played USA and Brits so far, new to war thunder). However, the Stuka won’t help sorry. It needs to be Tier III to get the achievement. Will try to bomb with B29 at some point, just don’t like my chances.

JU 288 carry two 1800kg bombs. its a premium as well for Germany if you wanted to spend that money. Its a 6.0 BR

BF 110 G-2 / G-4 at 3.7 BR

BR 4.3 without using money:
4 x 1,000 kg

Wellington Mk Ic - War Thunder Wiki (start the battle with Concept 3)
1 x 4,000 lb

I said it wasn’t unique. That’s the point.

Wellington is only tier 2

if you are already to the point on the American tech tree this one has a singe 3k lb bomb

But Concept is tier 3 and if you start the game with it, Wellingtons kills will count as tier 3 too.

I dunno, Flagstaff with the biggest gun of any Coastal vessel seems a little bit unique…

it will be beyond useless. Slow firing gun at 3.3 is dead on arrival.

Tbf, the mobility is absolutely an advantage, plus being a hydrofoil means better aim is needed to kill it.

Plus, there’s likely a lot at 3.3 that’ll be hullbroken by a 152mm gun firing HE

I… have you played naval recently? What long reloading guns exist above 3.0? This is going to fighting SKR-7s every match, dont forget.

Fw 190 F8 can do that too and then smack some attackers and even fighters if you surprise the…
When it comes to US and Brits, yeah it’s a problem, you essentialy need a bomber.