Battle Pass Coupons

Ok, I have a question about these coupons. Just for reference, I had to buy this latest BP because somehow I was unable to properly “redeem” one of the coupons and ended up not being allowed to use it even after I reached BP lvl 150 or so. Support simply said “You need two” . . . ok. So, now I have 2 and all it shows is a single button to “Exchange for 100 Warbonds” which I do not want to do. Why, if you have already consumed BOTH vehicles these coupons are related to, are you required to do anything else at all? I mean I have the vehicles, these coupons are for selling the vehicles and since I own them I cannot do that. But somehow I am required to jump through even more hoops, with no clear direction and no “buttons” to do so now and I am actually in danger of having to pay again because of a convoluted/overly complicated system. I have gotten almost all of the past BP’s free in this manner, but twice now the goofy UI is putting me in a spot where I have no idea what to do.


This should not be this complicated . . . .
any advice, please & thank you . . . . it used to be easier . . . I swear

You use them when you buy the new battle pass.
You can use them as payment instead of GE.

yeah that’s what I thought but this last time it did not allow me to do it that way . . and Support was not helpful. A better question is why would there be this button to exchange them for 100 Warbonds? . . that’s the exact thing I saw AFTER the new BP started. As I stated, this design is very poorly implemented and rife with the possibility for a player to easily make a mistake. . . . guess we’ll find out in 6 weeks.

It’s for when, for whatever reason, you use one of the coupons but want to keep the vehicle for the other one.

And I’m certainly not trying to defend Gaijin’s user interface. Frankly, to be very polite, it’s in need of a serious overhaul.

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In the new battle pass you will have 3 buyable options :
-buy normal 2000 ge
-buy extended ? 2500 ge

  • buy with coupons

All you have to do now is wait

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Thanks . . I’m old and forgetful . . lol, I have no idea how I got messed up on the last one and had to pay for it. I have been going to lvl 135+ for ALL of the BP’s since they started and have been getting them FREE for a long time now. But 90 days + the 60 days that have passed since I got to do the FREE method . . I tend to forget. This is the second time I have had this problem, working well past the lvl 125 requirement and then somehow not getting it to work because the UI is confusing and set up weird. At any rate, I should be good for the next one.
Thank you for your reply

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