Battle Pass Challenges and the "Immersive" Community + ItPsV 90

Yesterday, I got the challenge “destroy 30 units while moving at a minimum speed of 30 km/h.” So, what better to use than the ItPsV 90, which is already OP by itself.

Without any particular strategy, I went full speed against the enemy team. That thing is a meat grinder, and considering that at the beginning of the game many take light tanks to try to capture the base, I quickly collected my kills. Up to this point, nothing strange or exceptional: at most 2/3 kills per unit, before inevitably dying in a miserable way, use a back up and repeat it.

I was flooded with messages and insults both in-game and via messages, from simple insults by salty kids to people thinking I was cheating (which is impossible since I’m on PS5 and have only basic computer skills).

At this point, either people realize it’s just a game or these challenges that break the basic game patterns need to be fixed.

Lastly, the ItPsV 90 at GRB 8.7 is underrated: it should be at least 9.3.


Could you elaborate?

A Leo2A4 hull (with composite) which is lighter than a Leo2A4 and has one of the fastest acceleration for its BR. Coupled with the hyper-spam of bullets,that thing can’t face 7.7 vehicles in all honesty

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I see.
It gets very good hull armour, compared to other vehicles similar to it, such as the Gepard, and ZA-35.
Let’s not talk about the Chieftain Marksman here, as it’s just objectively worse than the ItPsv 90, and it’s at a lower BR anyways. The PGZ09, Falcon, and AMX-30 DCA are noteworthy SPAAs too, but I believe this post would get too long.
So ItPsV 90 is better than either, in this case.

It also has a 30.49 hp/ton ratio, which is very good, compared to the Gepard, which is 18.04 hp/ton, and the ZA-35, which is 17.72 hp/ton. ItPsV 90 has a top speed of 69km/h and -31km/h, whereas Gepard has a top speed of 66km/h, and -26km/h. The ZA-35 has a top speed of 121km/h and -37km/h in reverse. Overall, I think the ItPsv is the best in terms of mobility, although the ZA-35 being able to go past 69km/h (121km/h top) is quite good.

The ItPsV 90 gets 90 degrees per second turret rotation speed, the same as Gepard, while the ZA-35 has a turret rotation speed of 45 degrees per second. The Gepard and ItPsV 90 seem to be the better options here.

As for ammunition, ItPsv 90 gets 500 rounds, whereas Gepard gets 680, and ZA-35 only gets 460.
Gepard and ItPsV 90 gets 60 rounds of APDS too, which is a nice addition.
The turret design of the ZA-35 and Gepard have their guns close together, so you won’t have to worry about parallax at close ranges. The ItPsV 90’s turret is much bigger than either of them. ZA-35 doesn’t get any smoke grenades, while the ItPsV 90 and Gepard do.
I think the Gepard is the best here.

As for radars, the ZA-35 gets electro-optical target tracking, which doesn’t alert RWR (although at 8.3/8.7, there are barely any aircraft with them). This also allows the ZA-35 to track without search radar. Gepard and ItPsV 90 have a search radar that allows to lock on in third person, which is very nice.
Overall, I don’t think any of them are inferior to one another in this aspect.

In conclusion, I think the ItPsV 90 is strong, especially considering it can be devastating against ground units and air, and it could probably go to 9.0, but I think the Gepard can do similar in performance, if not better due to the lack of parallax error due to the massive marksman turret, and the 36% increase in ammunition capacity (albeit, you can simply go to a capture point to resupply). For 9.0, we have the M247 with proximity fuzes, which is a remarkably better anti-air than the ItPsV 90, at the cost of not doing that well against ground units. The hull armour is nice to have, but isn’t too important when the turret armour is extremely weak. Only unlucky shots (especially if they didn’t expect you), or inexperienced players would shoot the hull instead of the turret. 50. cals can also penetrate the turret, same with the Gepard and ZA-35. The main thing that makes the ItPsV 90 great is the acceleration and its top speeds, which is why it’s at a higher BR than the Gepard.


i dont think when balancing spaa, Gaijin considers their anti-air capabilities with spaa above them.

i invoke the case of the falcon moving to 8.3. The marksman and ZA-35 (combined) were significantly better in every way but here we stand

(but 9.0 is abit too much for it)

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In my opinion, I think the falcon is still a good SPAA, even at 8.3, compared to other SPAAs around its BR. The tracking that other SPAAs have is nice, but the 30mms are quite easy to aim, from what I can tell, and the Falcon has a stabilized 80 degrees per second of horizontal turret traverse turret, compared to 45 degrees per second for the ZA-35.

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