Battle Pass: Challenge "Thunderbirds"

The task here is to destroy GF (or naval) by attackers… Rank III or higher. Playing rank IV, I’ve destroyed two GF with such an attacker - but not counted because the attacker I got was only a rank II-one.

Dear Gaijin - isn’t possible to supply us with related rank III-attackers if you add such tasks into the battle-pass challenges?

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They have supplied you with them, you just haven’t unlocked them.

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.Thx - but that was in GF-AB, there are no such a “choice” - - but, however - it just happened again with everything in rank III - my tank, my attacker (P38L-5-LO) and the target… but didn’t count for the challenge…

Are the counted kills perhaps restricted to cannons?

P-38 doesn’t carry the attacker class.

Is this the new one for today?


OK… but that were the plane I got when I choose “attacker”… so, if you’re correct (I assume you are… ;-) ) - means that - this task in GF-AB is more a kind of… “roulette”… if you’re lucky your “attacker” is really an attacker…

What a mess…

Is the challenge to destroy players or does A.I count as well?

players and bots if im not mistaken.

Going to be trivially easy in Naval AB - some modes are just better suited than others :)

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So from what BR am I finally gonna get Rank 3 CAS options for Naval?

3.3 - Il-2M

And with it you get the chance to kill players with rockets for that other challenge, although Hellcats at 3.0 with Tiny Tim are a bit easier.

I assume you need rank 3 naval to get that option? or rank iv?

I’ve rank 3 for german coastal fleet, but still only getting rank2 lower br planes

Pretty much!

So far in GF-AB I’ve not once got an actual strike aircraft.
I’ve tried playing nations where there are plenty of strike aircraft at the same BR as my tanks.
I’ve tried being in SPAA, Light, Medium, Heavy, SPG when entering air battle, incase that made a difference.

All I get is fighters or bombers with rockets.

Looks like I’m playing Naval :(

Don’t use the random aircraft!!

In naval you can get to choose your own a/c, so put some Rank 3 a/c into your naval lineup.

If you don’t have any Rank 3 aircraft yet then go get them.

Of course in the very first battle I play today (GF-AB, USA, BR 5.0) I try again and finally get a strike aircraft.

Definitely roulette!

Weirdly though (or maybe not weird as I dont usually pay much to actual planes I get in GF-AB) it was a British Mosquito… whilst I am playing USA tanks? That in itself seems odd.

There is no connection between the random a/c and what nationality you are playing - you can get absolutely anything

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