Battle pass challenge - Combined arms exercise

I used the Pr.206, described as Torpedo Launcher Patrol Boat and destroyed 4 boats.
Watching replay, the first i destroyed wasn’t a bot.
Torpedo Launcher Patrol Boat part is still 0/5 !!??

What did i missed ?

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Replay link?

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Is it still showing 0 kills? If so report it as a bug.

Thank you for answering. Still 0 but by using another boat it’s ok.
Useless to report bug, they can’t refund and as it’s a one time challenge it’s a waste of time.

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They fix bugs, and it will improve the game.

And it is much simpler than it used to be - you already have most of the info with the replay link and text of your OP, which means it’s jsut a couple of minutes of your time to find the appropriate clog to include.