Battle Pass - Blitzkrieg challenge MAJOR FAIL!

As all those who are playing the battle pass , the blitz krieg challenge imply to destroy a player vehicle while riding at least at 30km/h 30 times.
That challenge is in itself an apology of suicide but, as it was not enough…


Thx again Gaijin for the “wonderful” management.


Weird… I completed this challenge using only Type 93. The only times when kills didn’t count was when destroying scout drones or driving in reverse.


I used a Wirbelwind when I noticed the fact. Happened 3 times

The moment when speed are important is when you have the message “plane destroyed”.

If you critical hit a plane at 30km/h and, when the plane crash, you at slower than 30km/h that not count for the task.

Inversement, if you hit a plane when you are stopped and go to 30km/h after the hit when the plane crash, that count.

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It worked very well for me using the BTR-ZD and ZSD63 in ground arcade.

Believe me , I was at all kills at higher speed then 30Km/h :-)

I’ve completed that challenge using only the WZ305 and the Ozelot, keep in mind that sometimes if the plane/heli catches on fire before dying, if you’re under 30 Km/h the moment you get the kill, it doesn’t count. Other than that it’s pretty straightforward

Have a look at my perfs and experience buddy.
Do you really think that i’m not able to judge when I kill instantly a plane?
I’ve made a retry a few days ago . Killed a “suicide idiot” on a fighter who dived straight on me. I ripped his plane in pieces when I was at 37km/h.
Never got the point.

Made it with my Wiesel 1A4. Scoutin, patience and in the end eating AA and light tanks got it within 2 days.

No need to look at anything, all i’m saying is that I did the challenge only using AA just like you did, it was definitely a bug that you had. The challenge can be done that way.

Agreed. I completed challenge in exactly the same way as you, using BTR-ZD or R3 T20 FA-HS

As for “bugs” I’d be interested to see a replay from the OP where they say the kill didn’t count.
I’m putting my money on them not satisfying the challenge requirements.


  • not using correct rank vehicle
  • shooting down plane when it is no longer player controlled
  • getting the hits/setting plane on fire while at 30km/h+ but below 30km/h or not moving at all when plane actually dies.

Strangely 2 days after I published that topic, The things went right and I completed the task in a day.
Next time, read carefully what I write and have a look at my experience on the game before emitting critics.

As I had a problem with that task, it’s now with a special task that get the very same problem !!
I have to destroy 14 SPG in battle. No problem except that the F*** game doesn’t count the kills !! (I currently use Jagdpanzer IV and Brummbär)
Or maybe a Dicker Max is no more a SPG ??