Battle pass awards - i was late

Hello all.

Yesterday i got lvl80 but i did not claimed awards. Now there is new season. What to do?

Ha. You are Gaijined: you can’t claim your not claimed rewards of the previous BP.

That is very unfortunate. I think, you just missed your opportunity to claim them, but you can try to contact support.

Maybe @Smin1080p or @Stona_WT can shed some light on a possibility to claim these rewards.

It would be nice to add a new automatism to future BP seasons, which automatically claims all unclaimed rewards as the season ends.

There could always be RL events that make you miss the end of the season unprepared.


Well . I contacted with customers support.

Basically they said they cant do anything and so on.

I feel i have been cheated because i spent lots of time + 2500ge to reach lvl 80. I forgot to claim awards lvl 60+ . INCLUDING Centurion Mark 2.

Unbelievable situation. I could be solved simply by automatically awards get transferred to player inventory after season ends and that"s it.


At the same time, between the announcements of the next BP and the date and time of the end of the battle pass indicated in the battle pass window, it’s almost deliberate if you don’t collect the rewards in time …


Real life events could prevent you from accessing the game unexpectedly.


Despite i am sad for your loss, but with 11k matches u can ez get lev 100 without GE…

If you have the time for up your BP, you have the time for claim your rewards… He said he “got lvl 80 yesterday”, In other words, on the 25th, 24 hours before the end of the battle pass… And he had to the 11h59 AM for collect the rewards …

At night i got to LVL80 with battlepass. I did not want to get all the boosters at same time because i could not use them before they expire. The battle pass shop from previous season will stay open for 7 days. So i thought i had some time to reclaim battle pass awards aswell. There is no offical statement about unclaimed(but unlocked) awards will be lost. Can anyone please point me out that maybe?

Stop blaming me about being lazy. Its bad/or even predatory ingame feature that causes problem and not only to me. Timegating kills fun and make everything rat race.

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I agree on that point: a warning about the loss of unclaimed rewards from the current battle pass should be included in the announcements for the next battle pass.

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That’s what happened to me last year when I got sick with the “C” in the middle of WT event. Many unslept nights grinding the event most likely got me much weaker and my immune system went down. When I got a bit better, I purchased some parts for the second Po-2, then had to wait to assemble the darn thing. I was in no shape to keep checking on the assembly. Went back to bed and the next day POOF my assembled (and unclaimed) Po-2 has disappeared. So basically all I got is ONE Po-2 that I also paid more than $2 in missing parts. Dozens of other grinded parts (not needed) did not sell on the market (too many listed), so lost everything there as well. Later on you were able to buy that Po-2 for around $3. So much time wasted grinding the event, sitting in the game assembling the stupid parts, missing sleep, etc. and all I got was maybe 50 cents out of it.
At the same time the BP was running. I was already at level 103 when I got sick. Did not collect any levels from around level 60 or so, as there were bunch of big boosters there. Did not collect tons of warbonds and did not collect a premium unit from the warbond store. All I got from that event was 2 lower level vehicles and a startup screen for that IS-2 type tank. On top of it, I lost about 4 months of premium, as I had things to catch up with in real life due to all of this. Pretty much did not play this game for the next 9 months or so.

You know, you can say “oh, you didn’t collect it, so your loss”, but that’s not the way it all should work. This is not some free event that lasted a week or two. This was a 3 months long one AND you had to pay for it. Real money and real time was provided by gaijin’s customers, but some got shafted with a technicality. All these accomplished levels need to be automatically collected at the end of BP. No, sorry comrade… YOINK! Too bad, so sad, but we will still keep your money.
Knowing how grindy these events are, I don’t plan to do any more events that require 5+ hours a day of gameplay for extended amount of time. Also, I’m not a big fan of the Building Simulators that waste my time in the garage that I could be using to grind the event. This try hard artificial scarcity needs to end. Also, there should be an option to automatically assemble all the parts (without you needing to click thousands of things) the moment you provide enough resources need from playing the game.

tl;dr: All the accomplished awards need to be automatically awarded at the end of the event. Also, boosters need not to expire in 3 days for paid events.

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It’s really odd that we have to claim prizes and tasks at all… Just give them to us without requiring an extra button click! Is it that hard? 🤔

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Only the time limited items like boosters and the trial coupons would be effected.

Hi Woody,

Same thing happen to me. I was Level 88 on the battle pass Hussar and had computer problems. it stop me from collecting my rewards when I log in the next day after the problem. lost 2500 with grace of 7days om all events the have every year.

The funny thing is they give you 7 days after a battle pass to spend your war bonds in the shop. which does not cost you 2500 golden eagles.

this need to fix straight away. it makes we not wanting to take the chance on any battle pass in the future if they can’t look after there player base


I agree there no info in the FAQ in battle pass about been late to collect after the event.

They also do not tell you how to turn your system on!

I appreciate the personal loss but you are not a new player and it has always been this way with the BP. The WB is just like before (7 days grace of spending previous WB points), the BP ends when it ends as you will notice every new BP since #1.

I doubt you will get anything but the only way was a direct message to Support (which you did).


A while back the WB also expired the moment BP was over. People complained, so gaijin added a week’s grace… a very reasonable thing to do. The thing is there is no such grace period for the PAID BP. Why didn’t they implement the same thing for both? Screw it, don’t make it a week, but instead automatically award all the accomplished levels to the player. Right now, the way it’s done is very shady and anti-consumer… anti-paid customer. I’m not going to even mention the stupid 3 days expiration date on the boosters you grind and pay for. This is just an abomination and it’s designed to milk the customers. 3 months of stupid grind and 2500 GEs ought to tell gaijin they need to change their ways. It’s the least they can do to not piss people off.

Actually WB always had a grace. That debacle was just players expecting WB to stay as it was before and was reverted quickly. No one seemed to bring up the BP system in place.

Of course this would be a nice idea.

I contacted with customers support . In short : “We understand your frustration but we cant do anything. Please make suggestion(in forum) to improve game.”

Overall this BP thing sucks - whole system . Time vs reward is not worth it anyway + its real buzz killer.

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