Battle of the Atlantic: Ships Against Submarines!

Gaijin: “Lets (re)introduce subs into the game with a special event that is outside of the regular progression grind we have made the players do.”
Also Gaijin:“Why no body play our sub event?”


I am interpreting his post as meaning adding subs to regular naval random battles.

How can you even enjoy the game with this mindset…

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People actually enjoy this game?

win )))

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so do i. but it does not negate my point, if he wants the rewards from the event he still has to play subs.
When/if they actually gett released as regular gameplay then he can obviously skip them. but as this is not the case at the moment the only option he has is to play them.

These rewards are specific to this event. They are quite mediocre. Not everyone is a “collector” of every sticker or doo-dad The Snale dangles in front of them.

Thank you very good Event.

But would it be possible to rebalance because the submarines are disavowed against the catalina and fletcher thank you.

If you could have the boats and planes spwan further away, that would be a solution, for example.


Devs are constantly observing W/L ratio.

Already adjusted team numbers, if that will be not enough, more steps will be taken.


Nice to know its a active observation and not just a “we’ll look at the numbers tomorrow” kind of thing :)

i would love to get some feedback on my longer post above if possible :)

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But I have to praise you for the event. I really like it. I hope we will see submarines normally in the game as well. :)


We have increased spawn cost for Catalina.


A good start, but the German side needs more help to be competitive.

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Magic! Pure magic!
I love the Submarines!!! So immersive. Ready to buy all premium german U-Boots! Want the AAA submarines!

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Just submerge after spawn to 20 meters and dont even think about going higher until you get 2km away from convoy. Then just pick them one by one.

Germany need to play stealthy and slow while US need to be fast and agressive. Im starting to think this game mode is work of genius.


is possible use torp on back?

You haven’t gone 1km without 4 fletchers in the spawn and on your back.
And to aim at 20m it’s not practical

Let them eat mines…

They dont bother with you when you are at 20m. Also, Catalina cant bomb you. Also, Its easier to submerge even more and avoid depth charges.

You obviously go to periscope depth when you get close enough to release torp

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