Battle of Hurtgen Forest

So who thought this was a good idea? You gave one side the ability to get into a town immediately and allow them to push down to begin spawn killing.

This was even worse when I encountered it because it’s allowed in top tier?!?
Yet, Berlin was removed from top tier.

Their solution will be to render the town part red zone and, god.

So of course spawning in the east I immediately go north, then west to welcome them there… ^^

same guy that made cargo port with 1 point in a hallway

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War is unfair, but you have always the chance to spawn on the right side!

I find the red side often wins it and not much happens in the town

Really? I have yet to play a recent battle on that map where I can remember the east side (red in this case) winning. It’s usually a steamroll so east side loses in max 4-5 min.