"Battle Activity" is nonsense

I am sick of playing games where I am the only chump defending an objective and afterwards I get absolutely zero real reward of any kind because I was playing too “passively”, since the game is designed for players who hold W to get their quick dopamine fix actually defending objectives is actively discouraged. If you don’t go for the zerg objective and instead and hold one and single-handedly win the game for your team by holding the objective for the entire game from the one or two light tanks that would have capped it you get nothing, because the victory bonus is useless if you get hardly any kills in the first place.

I played one game like that today, defending the hill on Poland and protecting my team who were sniping from it and getting a bunch of kills. I got one kill the entire match, got barely any rewards, and to add insult to injury I didn’t even get a point towards a task of “winning with 50% activity” even though I was being a “team player” and helping my team to win.


What? That’s not how activity or rewards work.
You get nothing for moving.
You get everything for defending and attacking objectives.



Please read my post before you reply.

Thank you.

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Activity is literally your score and time set in perspective. IIRC, nothing else matters.


To start, I did read your entire post so don’t accuse me of not reading it.

Sitting in 1 spot does not get you battle activity. Moving does not get you battle activity. You get battle activity for getting kills, hits, scouting, capturing points, etc. All of those actions further the team and help it win. What you did in that match on Poland—sitting in 1 spot and getting a single kill across the whole match—doesn’t get you battle activity. You got 1 kill the entire match, sat in 1 spot, and captured no points. That objectively is not being a team player. You got 1 kill and nothing else. That is not helping you team in any meaningful capacity.

War Thunder rewards sitting in 1 spot, but only if you do something useful at that spot. That hill that a bunch of your team was sniping from was people sitting in 1 spot, but because they got a bunch of kills, they were useful to the team and so got battle activity for it.

OK, so how exactly am I to anticipate that no one is going to spawn on the left spawn for the entire game exactly?

If two people spawn, and I kill them before they wipe out my teammates who are otherwise engaged and prevent them from capping the point that they would probably hold for the entire match along with having a vantage point to shoot from, what exactly does that profit me?

You seem not to comprehend that kills and points =/= being useful to the team. If through my actions I “defend” a point the entire match but don’t otherwise get many kills, I get nothing. Which is what I said in the OP.

The way you anticipate where people will spawn is map knowledge—understanding where useful map positions are. It’s not a 100% predictor, but it generally helps, and that just comes with experience. I understand that points and kills =/= usefulness to the team, but there is a moderate correlation. The chance that you were useful to your team with 1 kill is next to 0.

Except you only know that through hindsight. There is a high probability that someone is going to attack the objective some point in the match. To win it is fundamental that at least one person defends the point, but there is absolutely zero incentive for one person to hang back at the point barely anyone goes to “defend” it.

The system is not perfect, but there is a middle ground. Sitting and defending positions is very important, but if you sit in 1 spot the entire match, you’ve become useless to the team. Certain positions aren’t worth defending when a team has pushed far enough compared to the value the team could gain from another player closer to the front lines.

That is why not everyone is a war hero.

Dont just sit there after Capping. Push through and or help team at other CAPS by going behind enemy front line and harasses them. Also turn engine off and listen for the enemy

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Being in sky and getting couple kills is also useless, but you get awarded activity for that.

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I have to agree, it’s a nonsense. I hate “activity” daily tasks. I just had one for air arcade, get 80%. I was active all game, I captured TWO of the three points, shot down 1 plane and damaged at least one more, destroyed 2 tanks as I went, we won (thanks to me capping the two zones, I think I was only person on team who capped anything), I got SECOND place in this victory and they were fairly big teams.
Activity = 76%. “mission” failed.

BTW- Its also not just your own accumulated activity “score”, but relative to where you are in the scoreboard and overall team performance (because of course Gaijin has to make it complicated).
So you can have a banger game, running around doing stuff, but if your game is dominated by rockstars, you are going to be lower in the scoreboard, and thus your battle activity percentage is going to be lower.