Base AA on helicopter pads does absolutely no damage and can be exploited easily


As we all know base AA as been nerfed because it was too random and could kill people far away… But this is too much.

My last game in ground rb featured a played which spawned in a Mi-24P at the start of the game, proceeded to fly around the map and behind the forward heli pad (the one closest to the tank map).

Despite having all the AA of the heli pads constantly firing at him, the player just stood there flying, just behind the heli pads and waited.

Here is a screenshot of the replays, the guy was already standing there at the 2m 50s marks and waited with all the AA constantly firing at him.

For the duration of the game the player would just wait afk in the heli for an heli of our team to spawn… to just spawnkilling it before it could play.

This continued for the 15 whole minutes.

I don’t want to call for a reverse of the AA base nerf but please gaijin make it at least deadly in close range. If not fixed more and more people will start abusing this to spawnkill… or worse bots.

You are already trying to work on the maps to reduce tank spawnkill so why should heli be okays to be spawnkilled, I know they are annoying but this cannot be considered anything other than a BUG

So here is the link to the replay as I can’t upload it easily:

Thanks for reading.

  • Parameters in AA guns of the helipads have been adjusted. The number of AA guns has been reduced from 4 to 2, AA guns now fire only warning shots dealing no damage; fire range has been reduced from 3,500 to 3,000 metres.

It is absolutely no damage by design.

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Thx for the reply.

I guess I will let this on the forum for the ''can be exploited easily" part.

Having this mechanic is really dumb but oh well. I guess things will maybe change if it gets exploited often.

Thanks again