Barrels should not have armor coded

The game can not render armor well enough for barrels to be justified in having more than ~40mm of armor to prevent destruction by .50cals

It’s insane that a 75mm shell can not destroy a barrel

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Can you provide some examples of this instance being a factor, and how you think that this situation affected you?

I find way more annoying and disruptive that barrels don’t have collision maps.

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It would be interesting to see it done Gaijin has said they’ve tested it in the past and it was super annoying but I’d be willing to have it enabled for a week and a poll held to leave it or not.


It’s just volumetric making barrel shots a 50/50 whether the game correctly registers the hit or not to be adequate.

Americans already get a massive buff from .50s that is not talked about enough, allowing barrels to also be destroyed by .50s is insanity.

Read the post.

Yes no where did anyone say this should be allowed.

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Then your sentence structure just appears to be a mess and I have no clue what your point is.

Don’t worry about it, most other people seem to understand. It’s not necessary for you to understand.

I feel like you could have used that sentence to just clarify your position, but you do you.

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My position is clarified in the title post.