Barrel damage adds insult to injury for heavy armor

I mean .50 bmg is known for excellent ballistics, the bell x-1, the first supersonic aircraft, was partially designed based on a .50 bullet. It is also more modern than the 13.2mm round, and has higher muzzle velocity than the 20mm and I think better designed AP rounds

this is why you will never be better. because for you the game is the problem not you. you dont ask yourself how to do better or listen to others that do. your a defeatist.

Aren’t .50s from 1930s?

I’d just expect things like a 20mm or 37mm to have more pen than a 14.5mm, a 20mm fires a round faster and with more mass.

Okay bud.

size means nothing. projectile weight, dimensions, aerodynamics, powder type, powder weight (how much in the shell casing), size of the shell casing, barrel length, smoothbore or rifled, how many twists and grooves, efficiency of the breach design and tolerances in the munitions dimensions etc.

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thats not how guns work

13.2’s are from ww1 lol. also, it depends on the type of 20mm, most german ww2 HMG/autocannon rounds have inferior ballistics, look at the german 20mm vs american 20mm velocity and pen

That’s why I am asking.

Just imagine if you just loaded your 120mm and i poor lead down the barrel as your about to fire

thats why i explained with a huge list of variables above

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Oh well size means nothing right?
Explain how ap tank shells can penetrate tank armourn and not ap bullets even when they work on the same principle
Size doesnt matter eh… some good bs i have heard in a while

Sure, make Brummbar 5.0.

What? Did you read my list at all? It’s all there. You can make any calibre you want but if you dont make it well, not enough powder and too short a barrel you aren’t going to do well.

I can understand barrel damage but it happens far too often. So much time spent driving just to have your gun shot out the moment you spot an enemy tank. No wonder we have so much ODL in the game.

A tank barrel is the size of a Baseball, how do you hit that front on from hundreds of meters away? It’s just too frustrating sitting there helpless while waiting to die when you haven’t even started the game yet properly.

Explain how an apfsds penetrator from a Bradley’s 25mm bushmaster autocannon, 8mm on diameter, can go through more armor than an American 37mm AP round. Raw projectile diameter does not equal a potent or practical cannon/shell, various other factors influence this.

That isn’t a muzzle break in the middle of the barrel of an L7 gun, that is a fume extractor. A muzzle break rests on the end of the muzzle, not the center of the barrel.

Yes heres your explaination:
Apfsds has a uranium rod, chosen due to its density (keep in mind this is natural uranium and not the radiocactive one, its small amount has non appreciable amounts of uranium 235) or a tungsten rod also chosen due to its density.
However, ap rounds have steel rods (less dense than the above mentioned metals).
Penetration depends on density of a substance. Its the same as an aluminium bullet vs lead bullet.
Also note that apfsds (introduced 1940s) shells are an advanced version of ap (introduced 1880s) shells.

It depends on the Era, a modern M1 Abrams could porbably do it time after time because of the advanced fire control, but doing it with plain gunsights from WW2 would depend on the skill of the gunner, projectile accuracy, and a bit of luck. Would probably happen as a side effect of firing at turret cheeks if anything.

Yes, that’s exactly it.

It’s not natural uranium, it’s a rod made out of refined uranium metal. Anyways, to prove my original point, the 76mm f-34 gun on early t34 has less pen than the 57mm gun, which has a smaller caliber