welp war thunder is banning me and making me spend more money to change my name even though ive had it for years i cant touch any of my tanks ive spent over 200 dollars on this game and no one wants to help me unban it why i dont know i dont care anymore ive been feeling too sad to play this game like that and now that they doing this ima just uninstall it and move on honestly its getting worse i cant even report the simplest thing without feeling like the game trying everything they can to not help.

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Bye. Next time don’t break game rules and TOS.


Out of curiosity, what was your username before you changed it to this one?

I wasn’t asking you.

I realise, I wasn’t fast enough to delete the comment. Sorry.

its was some weird name i dont even remember but everyone ive met in game never said nothing i just got finished texting the game master on an unban but they not responding hopefully i mean its been years never had a problem

Well, given current events, its not really a surprise is it?

the gamehost or whatever said i can change my name now but i still cant lol why is it so hard

You don’t get banned to having a name that is not allowed - you get involuntarily renamed to a random number - used to be you were changed to “Renamed_#####”

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how can i break somthing they never even showed and if they get hurt over a simple word like jew well thats a problem for them not me

What’s wrong with the word “jew”?
Are Jewish people not welcome?

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Did you read the TOS? If you didn’t read it, you agreed to it regardless when you made an account and played Warthunder.

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2.1. It is forbidden to create Nicknames that contain:

  • Words that contain, in whole or in part, trademarks, copyrighted names without proper authorization, or in any way may infringe intellectual property rights.
  • Words, phrases, abbreviations, or any other references relating to sexual abuse, cruelty, or vulgar sexual meaning.
  • Names that are misleading about the Player’s affiliation with the Administration, developers of the Games, officials, or other persons related to the Games operation.
  • Any content violating these Game Rules, EULA, or Terms of Service. ’

nothing about the word jew

Did you check the EULA and TOS?

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  1. To ensure an enjoyable gaming experience for everybody, you must behave respectfully and appropriately towards other players while playing our Games. This includes, without limitation, that you are not allowed to use nicknames or clan (squadron, etc.) names, slogans, logos, descriptions, etc., or disseminate other content that is unlawful, sexually related, misleading, misrepresentative, or promotes hate speech, contains derogatory, offensive remarks, or that relates to controversial figures or groups in a way that incites conflict, degrades human dignity, or encourages forceful governmental overthrow.

7.2. When you breach the Game Rules, or your behavior is otherwise not consistent with them, we have the right, at our sole reasonable discretion, to invoke the following sanctions against you, depending on the seriousness of your breach or inappropriate behavior and the stipulations of the Game Rules with regard to particular violations:

suspend your access to the “game chat” functionality in the Game;
facilitate renaming of your nickname or editing other information of your Gaijin Account if such information violates Game Rules or the Terms and Conditions;
limit the number of connections to the server, as well as the duration of each connection within a specific time;
suspend or restrict your use of any of our Games where you violated the Games Rules;
temporarily limit some functionality of the Gaijin Account;
suspend or delete your Gaijin Account;
impose other sanctions provided by the Game Rules.

9. If your actions do not explicitly violate the rules outlined in this document but lead to substantial complaints from other Users or harm the interests of third parties or Gaijin, the Administration reserves the right to apply the Game Access Restriction or delete your Account.

If I understand it right, having the word Jew in your nickname could be considered a controversial figure or encouraging hate speech because of the current conflicts involving Isreal. I can’t be certain, you’d have to ask Gaijin. Also, it doesn’t matter who you ask other than Gaijin, they are the ultimate decider.

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thanks for proving me right ig dufuq

I didn’t prove you right. Read the last of of my last reply.

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oh but its its what they assume just like your doing so maybe you should read and understand

Can you try to make a coherent sentence? If you’d look at 9. In that list, you’d see that if people complain about it, they can take action on it even if it isn’t in the rules. I have no doubt that your name has caused arguments and such before.