Banned from chat for hate speech?

So I logged in today and found that I have been banned from chat for a month for hate speech. I wwould appreciate an explanation as I am generally polite with people, and yeah, I do engage in a bit of banter every now and then, but I am never hateful or bullying towards anyone. Can someone from Gaijin please respond to this with the details and explain to me exactly what it is that I said that got me a ban.

Check escalation procedure - contact a Game Master from the list, and they will explain the reason for your ban…

Why is this flagged?

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Please send a PM to Game Masters as advised in post above.

Xenophobia is forbidden in our game and on our communication platforms. If it doesn’t get to you, then kindly stop making public statements where our rules and regulations apply. No one cares what nationality you direct your heinous invectives against. Xenophobia is xenophobia.

Because it’s against the rules to discuss moderation. Please read the rules.