Ban Questions

Hello I am reaching out to get more information about a ban I believe I falsely received today. If you could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it. Moderator comment says I breached 3.2 of EULA mods and bots but after reading it I don’t believe any of it pertains to me. I’ve had multiple hack attempts in the last year from russia, the netherlands, france and china. Idk what to do. Messaged a gamemaster and added a few more into the discussion but being banned right after spending a few hundred bucks in summer sale sucks.

Already did. How long does it typically take to get a reply?

Depends on their life schedule and how many others they have to get through. I cant really give you a good estimate, sorry.

i got the same situation, i got my account banned for using a “cheat” when ive never even thought of using a cheat for war thunder but i spent over $1500-$2000 for it to be gone to a false positive so im so confused as well

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You have to be patient because they have their own schedules that they need to work around along with the forums. They will get to you when they can.

I don’t want to discourage, but if your account was hacked and then botted on I highly doubt you will see it ever get unbanned. That is the stance they take on accounts. If it gets stolen, that is a breach of security on your part and it is your responsibility to safeguard your account. If it breaks the rules outside of your control because it being stolen, the bans usually stick. Seen it many times play out exactly lile you said and they have stayed banned. Good luck to you.

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You have to message a Game Master as well.

As much as “innocent until proven guilty” is a thing, seeing this always makes me assume you broke ToS.

That and the classic “i let my friend play and he must of hacked”

I messaged one and added 4 more in for a higher chance of an explanation. I haven’t had a weird login or attempt since 2fa, which was earlier this year when i reclaimed my account from a chinese squadron. Are bans typically manual moderator bans or is it a mass report situation?

innocent until proven guilty doesn’t exist in video games unfortunately. Guilt is the default opinion both in game development and community interaction.

In war thunder, there are 2 kinds of bans. Manaul and automated. Automated bans are usually only for excessive teamkilling and botting/cheating. But I believe that for botting, it triggers a flag which puts a spotlight on your account where someone will check it

Mass reports never lead to a ban unless the person manually reviewing said reports finds them the account in question to have broken ToS.

mainly in a game that’s full of chinses hackers and alot of issues they still blame the good players for losing an account that they work hard for in grinding to be gone to a careless person who wants to ruin the game for others

I don’t hold any hostility about it. Just want an explanation and if it can’t be reverted I just have to move on. Just feels crappy. Enjoy playing the game as my solo game when friends are off doing other things.

No. We can’t help with those cases.

Please remember:

➤ To request help regarding a Chat Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.
➤ To request help regarding a Name related Account Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.
➤ To request help regarding a Team Kill related Account Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.
➤ In case you suspect someone else took control over your account (and got it into trouble…) please contact Support .

Please note that any issues that do not fall under the above mentioned cases can not be addressed by the Game Master Team.