too many times my gunner is the first to be killed with more frontal armor than anywhere else on the tanks… lower tier tanks need to have more ricochets and less insta kills. tanks with low mobility should be able to shoot further before the round drops dramatically. anti air tanks need better hits (aircrafts need bigger hit boxes for AA only) AA bullet velocity is atrocious as of all shooter games anymore. repairs times are supper long and might as well be an insta kill. make the inability to use the gun when broken less likely (make it harder to break a gun) the first shot should be battering or damaging the armor and not just straight up taking my tank out… The developers want people to play the game they need to make the starter tanks fun, so far as a new player i think everything is bad.

So basically, lower tier tanks need to have fake armor?

I know top tier armor is all fake, but at low tier we most certainly know what the exact armor values are.

What tank are you using, and what tank are you facing?

Being one shot is realistic. You can mitigate it by playing differently, and not relying on your armour to save you.

It isn’t bad, it is just different than almost every other game.

The majority of players, I believe enjoy the current damage system of this game, which is probaby on of the major reasons we prefer WT and not WoT. I am a former WoT Blitz player (sometimes still play a little.) and always bugged me that I have to constatly pumping shells in to the enemy. Warthunder is more realistic but not overly so. You are still a really new player, you have plenty of time to learn how the shells drop with distance and ecetera. There are tutorials on youtube which can teach you some really handy tricks.

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2 seconds in and I can already tell that you’re an extremely new player.
The basics of this game take time to learn, and even longer to put into practice, and unfathomably long to master. There will be a lot of suffering before you can become better.

Here you go: this will help, at least for the aiming part.
I would say, on of the biggest issues this game has, is a lack of tutorial. For a long time I didn’t even knew this feature existed, and it is really useful.

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